Book 1 - Social Thinking Frameworks Collection

Core Practical Treatment Frameworks: Set 1

13 Visual Teaching Scaffolds to Assess Student Social Emotional Needs and Get Started Teaching

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The social world is a big place, and the information can feel overwhelming at first. This two-set collection of 26 core practical frameworks is a powerhouse of visual teaching tools that includes the most important conceptual and treatment frameworks within the Social Thinking Methodology.

Each framework provides a blueprint or visual support related to one specific aspect within the complex social world, in addition to high-level, basic instruction. The collection includes a broad array of frameworks that range from assessing learners’ needs to breaking down social communication, friendship, anxiety management, being with others, and many more to make the implicit explicit for social emotional learning.

Core Practical Treatment Frameworks: Set 1 contains our most popular and helpful core tools with two types of frameworks. 

• Seven conceptual frameworks provide information specifically for interventionists to help them explore the social emotional assessment and treatment needs of specific individuals. These can be used during student study team meetings, IEP meetings, and to guide interventionists’ exploration of individuals’ social emotional development and treatment needs during the assessment process. 
• Six treatment frameworks help get started teaching core social emotional concepts directly to social learners: exploring emotions, size of the problem, and situation-based social expectations.

7 Conceptual Frameworks

• 3 Aspects of Social Learning
• The ILAUGH Model of Social Cognition
• Social Thinking-Social Learning Tree
• Social Thinking-Social Competency Model
• Social Thinking Connected Frameworks
• Building Blocks for Social Development of Young Children
• Group Collaboration, Play and Problem Solving Scale (GPS) for Early Learners

6 Treatment Frameworks

• Core Social Thinking Vocabulary
• Basic Feelings & Emotions Scale
• Size of the Problem and Size of the Reaction Thermometer
• Social Emotional Chain Reaction
• Social Behavior Map-General Observation (SBM-GO)
• Social Behavior Map-GO “Lining Up to Leave the Classroom (Filled-in Template)

Each framework has a graphic front and narrative back side. The front side provides a visual framework for use in team meetings with fellow interventionists or for use with students. The back side details the purpose of the framework along with instructions for using the framework, recommended age ranges, examples of how the information can guide teaching to foster development of social competencies, and recommendations for free articles and webinars, connections to other frameworks in the collection, and suggested books, online training courses and livestream events related to the concept.

The majority of frameworks were first presented in print products published by Think Social Publishing, Inc., and/or in webinars, articles, On Demand courses, and conference/livestream events that can be found on the Social Thinking website. We strongly urge interventionists to explore these source products for deeper instruction, examples, and learning for using the frameworks in practice.

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