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The social world is a big place, and the information can feel overwhelming at first. This two-set collection of 26 core practical frameworks (13 frameworks per set) is a powerhouse of visual teaching tools that includes the most important conceptual and treatment frameworks within the Social Thinking Methodology.

Core Practical Treatment Frameworks: Set 2 contains 13 of our most popular treatment frameworks to promote social emotional learning. Each provides visually scaffolded information to introduce core social thinking concepts, such as perspective taking and social communication, while illuminating different types of friendships and executive function. Treatment frameworks are for direct use with social learners as they develop and expand their understanding of how the complex social world works and how to navigate to self-regulate within it. 

In a ready-to-display format, each set of 13 frameworks presents—in both graphics and words—a variety of concepts, their purpose, instructions for use, recommendations for related books, trainings, free articles and webinars, and connections to other frameworks.

Set 2 contains the following 13 frameworks:

• 3 Part of Play/Activity
• Boring Moments
• I Don’t Care Scale
• 5 Steps of Being with Others
• 6 Levels of the Friendship Pyramid
• 4 Steps of Face-to-Face Communication
• Ask a Question, Add a Thought
• Solving Problems
• Learning How to Be Comfortable with Discomfort
• Ladder of Success
• The Spiral of Social Failure
• The Spiral of Social Success
• Independence Mountain

The majority of frameworks were first presented in print products published by Think Social Publishing, Inc., and/or in webinars, articles, On Demand courses, and conference/livestream events that can be found on the Social Thinking website. We strongly urge interventionists to explore these source products for deeper instruction, examples, and learning for using the frameworks in practice.

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December 10
Think Social Publishing, Inc.
Think Social Publishing, Inc.

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