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She is being hunted.

Prey left defenseless.

She needs to hide.

They cannot find her.

They will kill her if they do.

When Lucy decided to run, she didn’t know where to go. They were coming for her. She needed protection, but she had no one to help her. Until she came across the warehouse of the Deathstalkers MC and begged them for protection. Now she owes them her life and her loyalty. Her family will never end their search for her; she is a piece of property that needs to be recovered at any cost necessary. For Lucy, there are worse things than needing to hide for the rest of her life, being found is one of those things.

Sometimes the obvious evils aren’t the ones you need to fear.

Alexis Noelle's Corrupted stole my heart, twisted it inside out, cut it wide open and then ripped it to shreds before putting it back together. There were so many emotions that they're impossible to describe. Kudos to her for a wonderful book.- JA Hensley, Author

Alexis Noelle has written a brutal and beautifully raw no holds bar MC book. - Glenna Maynard, Author

"Corrupted is not your average MC book. It's beauty and pain, heartbreak and triumph womven onto the pages expertly. It's a masterful combination of raw emotion, love and the hard-fought happily ever after. "Dark and sexy, emotional and suspenseful, Noelle corrupted me in the best way..." - Casey Bond, Author

An emotional roller coaster of a story. Alexis Noelle weaves an enthralling tale of family, lust and danger, drawing you into a love story with twists and betrayal. This is a "can't put down read", and will leave you with the best kind of book hangovers. A must read. - Melissa Huie, Author

"Corrupted is Alexis’s best work yet to come. She dug deep into the nitty gritty, making my heart bleed for the main character and all she’d been through. Corrupted is a must read if you want raw and real love." - Brooke Page, Author

This is the first book in the Deathstalkers MC Series by Alexis Noelle.

January 3
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Aedriftboy ,

Corrupted with love.

Could not put the story down. Young love, honor, friendship and the true meaning of family. Family isn’t always those that share your blood. Loved the story, the twisted, the ugliness and the pure love that developed. Not a cliffhanger!

Puatousonga ,

Just read it!

Great book, very well written. It kept me hooked on Lucy’s story and how much she had to endure. It had me on an emotional rollercoaster of shock, sadness, anger, happiness and so much more. I enjoyed all the characters and how important famiy is to them even if not blood related. One of the things I appreciated about the book was that the relationship and feelings between Lucy and Jordan was built up over time and not just the next day they were together. I only wish it was a little bit longer!

Nina1620 ,

Love it!

I loved it! Amazing story line! Would have loved more on it as to what happens after!

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