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How hot can you handle it?

They are bikers.

They are rough, rugged, and raunchy.

The men of the Deathstalker MC Club are also loyal to the core. They stand by their club without question or fear, and when it comes to their women, there's no holding them back. 

They love fiercely and ferociously.

These men play for keeps, getting what they want when they want it. 

No excuses.

No exceptions.

No turning back.

So hop on and take a ride on the wild side--if you dare.

March 13
Alexis Noelle
Ashley Piscitelli

Customer Reviews

"Faith Supersede The Light" ,


I love this box set and the author! If any of you now about bikes and the absolute freedom of scouring the highways on the wind of chrome your souls are truly free like wing of a eagle!

BusDriven Mom ,

MC book 1 thru3

OMG I love to read romance books and these 3 books all most did me in. They are so emotional from the 1st book to book 3.I cried reading and couldn't stop reading till I finished them ,So much emotion was put into writing theses books.Loved them

Pdb44 ,

Definitely not for me

Torn, torn, torn. Alexis Noelle is a great story teller. However, this ends my relationship with her. My first and my last. I did not even read the other two stories.

As mentioned by many reviewers, there is not a lot of unsettling things happening in this story. I have read MC books before, but this was too much. I had to stop reading last night to see if the direction the author was going, was for me. I read more of the reviews and found warnings, which I did not ignore. Alexis Noelle really is a good story teller. She really does pull you in.

Regarding the story. Amazing cast of characters. Even the devils. Because we are definitely given a glimpse of hell. Well developed characters. It is a love story. Jordan and Lucy grow to be a great couple. The surrounding cast is interesting. Twisted turns out to be a teddy bear. I really do not want to give too much away, but I will give warning because I appreciated the warning I received from other reviewers.

There is brutal, violent rape and beatings. You do expect some violence with MC's, but I was uncomfortable with the very descriptive brutal rape of the female. I did find it disturbing that when Alexis wrote of the female's rape, she spared no detail. However, when she described the torture of the girls rapist, although brutal, was so casually spoken about between Jordan and Twisted. Twisted was like yeah we did good. Short and sweet. So different when describing what happened to the female. Unsettling.

I will say, although Ms. Noelle is an amazing author, this is not for me. The brutality of the rape is too much for me. So I will not be reading this author again. Apparently, this is a re-occurring nightmare in her books. I like my MC much, much lighter. If this is your flavor, enjoy. She will definitely pull you in.

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