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This is a dark romance intended for mature audiences.  

The greatest love stories begin with blood…

There is blood.  There is pain.  And there is him.  These are the first things I register when I wake up, the lone survivor in an Alaskan plane crash.  He carries me to safety over rough terrain and brings me to his cabin in the woods.  He has no name.  Or none he will tell me.  

As snow creeps across the harsh and isolated landscape, he is my only company.  My protector, my caretaker.  A fascinating enigma, with mysterious eyes, gentle hands, and a rough voice that demands more from me than I ever expected to give.  I make up different stories, different names for him depending on his mood, because I know nothing about him except that he is my only connection to the real world I want to return to.  So I work to please him, plotting my escape, yet all the while I start to crave him and every touch of his dominating body.    

He has saved me from the cold.  From death.  But in taking me and my body, will he destroy me? 

November 1
Drew Jordan
Erin McCarthy

Customer Reviews

XxXcassyXxX ,

Good story

I really liked the story! Sexy, exciting, and with a bunch of twists and turns. The only thing I disliked about this book is that the whole thing was written in past tense. It kept throwing me off and I could just not get used to it.

cortney668 ,

Not for me

Idk what quite to say it was different than what I usually read it was very dark and in the end you can tell they’re both crazy and I finished it but don’t think I’m going to continue to read the next two books although I am curious about the stranger life story

G000girl ,

Crash by Drew Jordan

I didn’t like this book when I first read. It. The I saw it again free from Amazon and gave it another chance and enjoyed it more.

Laney is running from Seattle where she has always been the forgotten one. She is also trying to start over.

A nameless man rescues her from a plane crash in the tundra of the Yukon. He is a broken individual and chose to live a solitary like far from other people.

They cohabitate with each other and it’s rough going for the city girl.

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