Curves For His Command (The Billionaire's Curvy Submissive Parts 6&7) (BBW Billionaire Erotica‪)‬

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After a frightening turn in Claire and Parker's usually controlled sex play, the dynamic of their relationship is forced to hard questioning. As her wedding night progresses in a way that she never imagined, Claire must decide for herself how to rectify her relationship with Parker. With boldness and gumption, can Claire salvage her wedding night in the name of love and pleasure?


An unexpected guest derails Parker and Claire's post-nuptual bliss and throws a wrench in their honeymoon plans. In crisis, Claire recruits Savannah for damage control. Savannah is delighted to save the day, but at a cost that Parker and Claire never could have anticipated.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

Claire allowed the comforter to fall from her shoulders; it slid down until she was naked to the waist. Parker sucked in a deep breath as he took in the twin mountains of her enormous breasts. Seeing her husband feasting his eyes upon her bulging bosom made Claire feel like a goddess, and she leaned back ever so slightly to allow a better view. Her breasts moved up and down with her heaving breath, bouncing as she dry humped her way to paradise with her groom. She could feel her pussy getting wet as the pressure of his cock became more insistent and his gaze became hungrier.

Parker laid his hands on her shoulders while struggling to remain composed as she rode his cock for all it was worth. He gently pushed her torso down and away from him until she was sprawled on her back, her legs still firmly wrapped around his waist. His eyes roved over her body, prone before him in all its curvaceous glory. She was able to feel the heat from his gaze on her firm round tits; in response her nipples rose to attention. She swore she felt him grow an inch at the sight of her erect nipples rising like tiny peaks on the hills of her breasts.

As if revealing a great treasure, Parker peeled away the comforter to entirely expose Claire’s body. Lying naked before him Claire felt as though she had returned home safe and sound. She loved nothing more than releasing herself into his care, surrendering, knowing she would be cherished, and cared for. Parker cherished the sight of her body which was ready for his hands, tongue and cock to bring alive in rapturous orgasm. He looked for the world like a man in prayer, and perhaps Claire thought he was.

Parker’s laid his hands upon Claire’s waist, digging into her flesh with his strong fingers. Pushing his hands up over her ribcage he took her breasts. Knowing exactly the right amount of force required to caress her t**s he savored the weight of them in his palms. He held them as if they were priceless, precious gifts to the world. Parker’s let his thumb glance across the perk nubs of Claire’s nipples; a sharp stab of pleasure hit her. She arched her back, rubbing her wet pussy against the still-covered bulge of Parker’s crotch.

Unable to resist it anymore Parker held Claire down with one hand and broke free of her legs’ embrace, maneuvering on top of his bride. She happily reached down and helped to free him of his white shirt, dexterously undoing the buttons as quickly as possible. Parker hurried to undo the pants of his suit and kicking off the garment let his hard cock out to play as it must. It was Claire’s turn to admire the body of her husband. Parker was all rippling muscles, hard bunches on rock-hard flesh that a girl could grab onto while she was being rode into oblivion. She let her hands brush down against Parker’s abs and was about to take his dick into her hands when he caught her by the wrist.

Fiction & Literature
September 22
Denise Avery
Draft2Digital, LLC

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