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Libby Sparks has the power to destroy the world. She has prophecy and destiny backing her bid to take down the Guardians. She even has an army. What she doesn’t have is a plan.
No matter how hard Libby tries to follow her destiny, the pieces never seem to fall her into place. Every effort Libby makes to build her army and organize an attack is countered by complications. Broken bonds may cost Libby power she desperately needs. Betrayal threatens to break her army. What may prove to be her downfall are the secrets hidden behind unbreakable Guardian Oaths that hold the key to her success. If Libby cannot find the answers in time, everything she has worked for since her Inquest will be lost. Lives will be lost as well, and not just hers. Failure means death … for everyone.

*** Praise for Darkening Chaos:
“Libby Sparks will destroy the world when she turns eighteen. That's what the world itself believes. None of the three men who love her buy into that. Lance, who tried to kill her; Milo, who befriended her when no one else would speak to her; Braden, sworn to kill her even as she is revealed as his Companion--they all believe she will break the curse and save the world. Each believes he is the key to her success. It becomes clear very quickly that Libby must decide which of the three she loves or dissension will rip apart her supporters. Darkening Chaos is everything a reader wants in a trilogy climax. It includes rising tension that wouldn't let me put it down after the midpoint, and main characters in despair over relationships, hopes, and their lives. The climax blows apart everything you ever believed about the Guardians and the Destroyer, then weaves it all back together in an extremely satisfying conclusion. The Destroyer Trilogy began with Libby's Inquest, wrapped itself around our hearts with The Secret of Betrayal, and now will make you shiver as it finishes in Darkening Chaos.” Linda Ulleseit, author of On a Wing and a Dare, and In the Winds of Danger.

Young Adult
March 14
DelSheree Gladden
Smashwords, Inc.

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