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The first book in the Ollie Chandler series, this rerelease of the Randy Alcorn bestseller is a heart-pounding murder mystery

When tragedy strikes those closest to him, Jake Woods must draw upon all his resources to uncover the truth about the suspicious accident. Soon he finds himself swept up in a murder investigation that is both complex and dangerous. Unaware of the threat to his own life, Jake is drawn in deeper and deeper as he desperately searches for the answers to the immediate mystery at hand and—ultimately—the deeper meaning of his own existence.

Deadline is a dramatic and vivid novel of substance, filled with hope and perspective for every reader who longs to feel purpose in life.

Fiction & Literature
June 1
The Crown Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

gir9 ,

Loving it!

My friend's dad from church let me borrow it so i've been reading it. And For a long time i wasn't much of a reader to be honest but this guy deserves some good reviews. The way you can relate to these characters is just amazing and what they've been through. I'm on the third chapter and I'm loving this! Definitely recommend it! God bless!

Gernansky ,

Probably My Favorite Book Ever

I've read hundreds of novels over the years - mostly secular - but a lot of Christian works as well. "Deadline" is simply top notch in every way. I have bought many copies of this book for others over the years. It makes a great gift for avid and casual readers alike. Everyone I know who has read it loves it - maybe not as much as me - but it is a true Sure-fire piece of fiction. The characters are uber-interesting - but most of all - once you get used to the back and forth of settings ( you'll see what i mean:) Its like reading several great stories wrapped up in one. Anyways - if you are thinking of buying "Deadline" - just do it already. you can thank me later. :)

(XG) ,

One of the best.

Being an avid mystery novel reader myself (Poirot and Sherlock are my private detectives) and a devoted Christian, I must confess I was very surprised by Alcorn's Deadline. Previously, I had read a few of his non-fiction books (Purity Principle, Treaure Principle, etc.) and was impacted by their straightforwardness and biblical certitude. I must confess I picked up the novel because of my interest in murder stories and the fact it was written by a former pastor piqued my curiosity. To my surprise, this has become one of my favorite detective stories! Alcorn is evidently an extremely gifted writer. He discusses topics which I would never even image in a detective novel. (obviously using his deep knowledge in the prolife/ prochoice debate, and other life issues such as abortion.) In conclusion, Deadline is a very refreshing take on detective fiction. It is extremely well written with casual twists in its plot, and thoroughly developed characters that will stay in your mind. It is not forced, and doesn't impose the author's views. Although it is a quite long read, and a tad tedious in some rare moments, it is very straightforward and engaging. A strong recommend for all those mystery fans out there, Christians, but also agnostics and atheists who want to challenge their beliefs.

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