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Death’s not taking a holiday. He’s retired.

Geoff hadn’t planned on sunshine, margaritas, and women in skimpy bikinis. After hanging up his (metaphorical) hood, he had hoped to spend his afternoons reading at the local library. Unfortunately, his former position (as one of the deaths, not the death) was seeping into his current retirement and hijacking his restful plans.

Bad enough that he’s stalked by ghosts, but his former bosses have also saddled him with the care and feeding of a possessed bobcat. And then he meets his beautiful neighbor Sylvie, and his world truly is turned upside down.

Click to see how former soul collector Geoff becomes involved in his first murder investigation and all of the uproarious antics that ensue.

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 14
Cate Lawley
Catherine G. Cobb

Customer Reviews

C'bus ,


A really entertaining book. Tongue-in-cheek humor and a fast, light plot. Enjoy!

Chocolateink ,

Almost a cozy mystery

Death retires and is given a human in a bobcat body. Death wants to be left alone, but his housing community has other plans. There is an attractive neighbor that invites herself and Clarence the bobcat wants death to have a relationship with her. There’s 2 ghosts, an explosion, a demon, a medium, a witch and a mystery wrapping it all up. This is a quick read and perfect if you want to read to escape.

Kat Costa ,

“Death Retires” earns 5/5 Paranormal Parties…Great Fun!

“Death’s not taking a vacation. He’s retired.” What a great introduction to a new series by Cate Lawley! We meet Geoff Todd, hiding from the advances of a neighbor, has bought a house and hopes to enjoy a relaxing retirement. Although he prefers “soul collector,” he is death (not ‘the’ death, just one of the deaths) and life in the suburbs is not exactly what he expected. He is joined by and often in humorous conflict with Clarence, whose human ghost either accidentally or by choice inhabits the body of a bobcat—a nice twist on the ‘feline familiar’ idea. Then there are the ghosts who are of great annoyance. Geoff only sees and hears the disembodied when they wish it, but Clarence, a ghost himself, freely sees, hears, and interacts with them. But Geoff has got to find a way to get one ghost to move on and get out of his hair. It just may be necessary to solve the mystery behind how he, Bobby, became a ghost, and protecting the widow may be part of the deal. How marvelous! Similar to her twist on vampires with her Vegan Vamp series, Cate Lawley has penned a delightfully unique variation to her new series Death Retired Mystery. Book one, “Death Retires,” introduces us to one of the deaths—now human, his sidekick/bobcat Clarence, ghosts, mediums, witches, demons, and humans all adding to this paranormal delight with humor and laugh-out-loud entertainment. Ok, it is not as weird as it sounds. It is engaging fun as ‘death’ tries to fit in once again among humans, navigate neighborhood relationships, and deal with ghostly and paranormal characters. I really had fun with this one.

“Disclosure: A review copy of this book was sent to me by the author. However, all of the above opinions are my own.”

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