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From the bestselling author of Devil’s Honor and Devil’s Mark, this seductive novel of the Louisiana bayou kicks into high gear as a dangerously sexy biker takes a no-nonsense teacher on the ultimate thrill ride.

Lara Ashburn hates bikers. She watched a motorcycle club destroy her hometown, bringing her brother down with it. That’s a life she put far in her rearview. So the last person she wants to see walking into her classroom is the top enforcer of the Devil’s Keepers. Big, mean, and gorgeous, all tattoos and leather, Chaser is everything Lara should avoid. Yet the insane chemistry sparking between them tempts her to break all the rules.

Ryan “Chaser” Frey has his hands full with a teen daughter in need of tough love, and he doesn’t have time for prissy teachers who want to tell him how to raise his kid. But Chaser never could resist a chick who gives as good as she gets. Lara is sexy as hell, and she’s not afraid of him. Plus, her links to a California club could provide the Devils with leverage against their enemies. But that would mean mixing business with pleasure—and risking the one woman Chaser can’t afford to lose.

Praise for Devil’s Own

“Scorching.”—The Jeep Diva

“This might be the best in the series so far.”—Smitten by Books

“Steamy and tender . . . Devil’s Own is the book for you.”—Fresh Fiction

Praise for Megan Crane’s Make You Burn

“If you are looking for a hot and dirty read in the motorcycle club genre, then Megan Crane is a new voice to follow. Her characters are gritty, unapologetic, and led by their animal instincts, whether in war or love.”Heroes and Heartbreakers

“Crane piles on the passion and danger. . . . This tough and dirty world is fascinating and satisfying in its own way.”Publishers Weekly

“Her style was so sultry and thick that I could almost feel the sweat of the bayou and the pulse of Bourbon Street as I read. I sunk deep into the story and enjoyed every minute of it.”Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

May 16
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Customer Reviews

Lynn B888 ,


Megan Crane has a way with words that has us sensing the menace rolling off of the skin of each and every one of the guys in this series, yet with the touch of the right woman, we watch them transform into a gentle soul right before our eyes! Yes, they are still mean and tough and raunchy as all get out ... but there is still a deep connection and softness in how much they love their women. I am loving this series ... and Chaser and Lara just increased my adoration! :) Awesome characters, a heated atmosphere both with steamy sex and danger, and a plot that keeps me coming back for more. With the ending on this one, stuff is about to hit the fan, so I have my fingers crossed for the next book soon!

Ryan "Chaser" Frey doesn't have time for petty nonsense, so when his teenage daughters teacher leaves him a massive number of messages in the one day he was unreachable with club business, it really rubs him the wrong way. What does this hoity toity priss know about raising a kid in his lifestyle?

Lara Ashburn grew up knee deep in the life, and she hates motorcycle clubs with a passion! She blames it for the childhood she had and for ruining her brother's life. She wants desperately to make sure her student isn't losing herself in the ugliness around her.

Ryan comes to the school to tell this teacher to get off his kid and mind her own business, but when she stands up and starts mouthing off to him, he can't help but become amused ... does she know who she's talking to? ... and does she realize her mouth is making him see her in a whole new light? Maybe he should show her ... after all, when he puts his hands on her, she makes it real obvious that she hates it ... and loves it even more!

Cntrygirlz ,


Lara is a high school teacher and moves to Louisiana to be closer to her brother who's in prison. She has a problem with one of her students and calls her father. In walks in a big, bad biker. She swore she would stay away from anyone or anything having to do with MC. But he's not like her uncle, who raised her and her brother in the club.
Chaser is just as bad as he looks. He's the enforcer for the Devil's Keeper MC. He has a sixteen year old daughter and she is pure teenager. When a rival MC shows up in his town, he will protect the ones he cares for.
Lots of dirty sex. Sexy bikers. Prissy school teacher. Loved the story. Fast paced. Characters that just jump off the page. Book three in the series.

Eileen A-W ,

The Teacher and The Enforcer

Devil’s Own is the third book in The Devil’s Keepers series by Megan Crane. The Devil’s Keepers are a motorcycle club that rules the town of Lagrange in the outback country of Louisiana. Ms. Crane is an outstanding writer painting vivid pictures of the events happening on the page. She knows how to bring out the heat as well as the down and dirty sex in her outstanding writing. This is Ryan “Chaser” Frey and Lara Ashburn’s story. Chaser is an enforcer who knows something is going on with Devil Keeper’s leader, just not what or when it will hit. Lara grew up a California motorcycle club run by her cruel uncle and couldn’t wait to escape that life. These two meet in Lara’s classroom after calling Chaser, concerned about his daughter. The fact that Lara grew up in the culture of a motorcycle club makes her perfect for this father-daughter pair.

This was an intense, entertaining story with well written and complex characters. Ms Crane takes the reader on a motorcycle ride deep into the bayou country where one could feel the heat and humidity that surrounded the swamps as they read this hot and sexy story. Her characters are real, do not apologize for their behavior and are led by their animal instincts. I enjoyed reading this book and definitely recommend this book to other readers, especially those looking for a hot and dirty read in the motorcycle genre.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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