Divine Grace

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The Shaman’s Art Journal series of thirty divine messages offers a rare insight into the spiritual journey of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song as She becomes a fully realized Peace Shaman. 

During Peace Mother’s evolution from yogini and shamanic apprentice to enlightened master, Spirit instructed her to paint sacred light-activation images. Although not trained in painting techniques and fearful of failing, the Holy Mother overcame creative insecurity and surrendered to Spirit’s will. To Her delight, Spirit poured through Her hands, creating thirty healing images that activate your inner light, heighten intuition and expand healing abilities. 

Based on Holy Mother’s training with Her Mayan Shamanic Teacher and other enlightened beings, each book in the Shaman's Art Journal series includes one of the paintings, ancient shamanic wisdom teachings and self-healing exercises. These sacred transformational tools radiate waves of Grace, to spark within you greater awareness of your own divine nature and enhance the connection to your spirit guides. 

Book 1, Divine Grace, addresses your primordial relationship with Grace and the feelings of loneliness, fear, and other challenges we encounter as we travel our spiritual path. Sharing timeless wisdom and Her own experiences, Peace Mother shows us how to discard beliefs that create pain in our lives and awaken to the Divine Grace that is ever with us. 

Moving, exciting and inspiring, this breakthrough series is a must-read to break free of karmic programming, align with your Higher Self, and experience life from the soul's illumined perspective.

Health, Mind & Body
November 17
A Center for Peace and Healing
A Center for Peace & Healing

Customer Reviews

LaurAnne40 ,

Must Read!!

DIVINE GRACE is a must read!! When I first began reading this book, I was inspired by Peace Mother's story about her journey to becoming an Enlightened Master. But as I kept reading, I realized all the feelings She described were emotions I had felt at one point or another. This book helped me transform my life, opening myself up to the notion that through every hard choice, every moment I feel challenged, I am not alone. The contemplation exercises are the perfect prompts to begin a thorough introspection of your soul. Peace Mother's words are a soothing balm to a bruised spirit – I highly recommend this book for anyone who has felt dispirited or struggled with depression. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

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