Mother Earth

Compassionate Jaguar of Light

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Publisher Description

The Shaman’s Art Journal series offers a rare insight into the spiritual journey of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song from yogini to shamanic apprentice, to fully enlightened Peace Shaman. 

Spark your spiritual advancement and healing transformation with this luminous infusion of enlightening Teachings drawn from Holy Mother’s vast shamanic and yogic Healing Work. 

The Mother Earth, Compassionate Jaguar of Light installment of the Shaman’s Art Journal series

contains Light Activation Art Work created by Peace Mother’s Spirit Guides and the Wisdom Teachings it inspired. Receive the Healing Power of Mother Earth’s Love and Light in a profound way, by practicing the simple, yet powerful Sacred Mantras, exercises and meditations contained in this Sacred Book. 

Learn about Mother Earth’s Luminous Jaguar Power, how your soul is connected to Mother Earth and how your time spent here is meant to purify, strengthen and evolve you into a Light filled Master. Elevate your consciousness with the Light Activation Artwork to align your energy with the Ancient Wisdom of Mother Earth. 

Peace Mother’s liberating insight on Mother Earth’s Spiritual Power helps you to deepen your connection with the healing voice of Mother Nature, the Compassionate Jaguar. With this Shamanic Training, the Holy Mother assists you in understanding and honoring the Prophecy of Mother Earth’s rhythms and cleansing cycles, guiding you on how to manifest your Highest Destiny during challenging moments. 

Implementing the Sacred Tools in this book nourishes your Life Force and inner Light, creating greater Peace, Courage, Balance and Radiance in your life! With Mother Earth, Compassionate Jaguar of Light you can once again infuse your Soul with the uplifting, rapturous vibrations of the enlightening and empowering Shaman’s Art Journal series. 

About the Shaman's Art Journal series

During Peace Mother’s evolution from yogini and shamanic apprentice to enlightened master, Spirit instructed her to paint sacred Light Activation images. Although not trained in painting techniques and fearful of failing, Peace Mother overcame creative insecurity and surrendered to Spirit’s will. To Her delight, Spirit poured through Her hands, creating thirty healing images that activate your inner light, heighten intuition and expand healing abilities. 

Each book in the Shaman's Art Journal series includes a Light Activation painting with related shamanic wisdom teachings and self-healing exercises. In addition to accelerating the reader on their spiritual path, this powerful combination of liberating tools has also been designed to resolve and heal the doubts, fears, attachments and regrets which prevent a seeker from experiencing a joyful and peaceful life.


Moving, exciting and inspiring, this breakthrough series is a must-read to break free of karmic programming, align with your Higher Self and experience life from the soul's illumined perspective.

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August 6
A Center for Peace and Healing
A Center for Peace & Healing

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