Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb
Book 2 - A Deanna Madden Novel

Do Not Disturb

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Publisher Description

Equal parts Dexter and 50 Shades, this is the eagerly awaited follow-up to the award winning erotic thriller, The Girl in 6E, by A.R. Torre.

1. Don't leave the apartment.2. Never let anyone in.3. Don't kill anyone.

The rules were simple and I broke them. Now I must face the consequences. Everyone else must face me.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 21
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Ashers4747 ,

What happens when the door opens?

Deanna is at it again!
Deanna is such a complex character, and where at first I questioned how I was going to like her, I am now slightly obsessed with her character. I go through my daily life and will have a "Deanna" moment!
Don't know what that means...You will when you read her stories...

Where this book can be a stand alone you will better understand the characters and where they are in this book if you read the Girl in 6E first. This book picks up right after the first. She had her taste of freedom outside her walls, what happens now?
Needless to say if you loved the first book you won't be disappointed in the second...or the third.
I can't get enough of this story, and only hope to see it continue!

Till then, don't open the door....

Annmric8 ,

What is lurking behind door 6E? Be careful who you block.

The story is broken into five parts.
I read The Girl in 6E in November of 2014. I knew from the minute I started the first chapter of Do Not Disturb every detail from the first book. Rarely does that happen. It was refreshing to redefine with the characters after 9 months spent reading other books. Here I am reading the second book as if I just finished the first. When an author can leave you reeling from a book they wrote I call that amazing.
Deanna still struggles with the will for normalcy and the will to kill. Deanna has rewarded her three year hibernation with some gifts to herself.
Deanna still struggles with normalcy at night where the force and temptation is the strongest. Bad people come out at night and make Deanna think about killing.
Part one is an introduction to a new character name Marcus. He is currently on house arrest. Deanna still works as a camgirl. Simon still locks her in for eight hours every night. Deanna has continued to leave her apartment during the day since having left to save Annie in the first book. Jeremy is still very much apart of Deanna's life.
Part two is the introduction of Marcus into Deanna's world. With Marcus on house arrest the countdown begins. So do the red flags from Deanna as a camgirl. The story is spread out with cam sessions, time with Jeremy, Marcus online, talking to the doctor, and time outside. Lots of areas to cover.
Part three is the end of house arrest and some freedom for Deanna.
Part four is Marcus finding the trail that leads to a killer.
Part five all clues lead to one person.
It was a great addition to a book that was originally never going to be a series. With all great suspense stories you cannot help but be intrigued by a killer especially one that hides behind a beautiful body.

Madaboutmatisse ,

4.5 you have to read this stars!

I am not sure there are words that adequately describe my love of Alessandra Torre's writing In each book she creates you get a different and unique story, great depth of characters, plots you can never predict and writing that has you holding your breath because you never know what Alessandra may do to these characters (it is always great reading). Followers of my blog (or reviews) know how much I enjoy Alessandra, so when I heard of a sequel to The Girl in 6E, I had grabby-I-need-this-book-in-my-Kindle-hands! Do Not Disturb is being sold as a stand-alone book, but I hate to disagree with the fabulousness of Ms. Torre, but I REALLY suggest you read The Girl in 6E first. Yes. I imagine you can read this story, enjoy it and feel fine, but reading The Girl in 6E first will give you so much more amazing, rich background on Deanna and her "issues" that I really think it is important to read it first (plus it is a book that will blow you away).

Do Not Disturb.... What an emotional rollercoaster! The twists, the turns, the evolution of characters (old and new) was just amazing. Be warned, you will start this book and have the hardest time putting it down, so settle in some where comfy (with snacks) and get ready to be taken on a crazy ride that will leave you breathless. I think I held my breath more in this book than any other I have read, I was in shock, awe and at one point I may have screamed "NO!" and woken up my kids. Do No Disturb is really that good.

Alessandra Torre is a master at writing stories with heat, suspense, thrills, disturbing characters and a touch of crazy that when combined is unlike any book you have read before. This book is erotic and has some darker subject matter, but it isn't too much or too over the top. The balance that is Do Not Disturb is beautifully executed

Deanna and Jeremy (hell, Mike too) I don't think I am done with them quite yet. I was content with The Girl in 6E being it, then Do Not Disturb happened. I am perfectly happy with how this all plays out and if this is the end of these characters I am in a good place, however, I want more. I am greedy reader and need to know more about what happens next! Alessandra please give us more Deanna!!

If you have read The Girl in 6E then Do Not Disturb should be an instant 1-click for you. If you have read Alessandra before, then this should be an instant 1-click for you. If you have never read Alessandra then THIS should be an instant 1-click for you, after you read The Girl in 6E (see a pattern?). Grab your e-reader, a drink and go somewhere you can be absorbed in this world for a while, heck, put out your very own "do not disturb" sign out and get reading right now!!

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