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IMOGEN: Jesse says you better know what you’re doing with Franco.  

ME: Dude, I’m scared.

IMOGEN: !! What? Tell me!

ME: He makes me FEEL THINGS. It’s icky and I don’t like it. 

IMOGEN: You’ve known him what, a few hours? 

ME: I’m telling you, he scares the sh*t out of me. But he’s so good I can’t stop myself.

IMOGEN: Audra, seriously. Chill. It’s been a couple hours. It’s just insta-lust.

I send Imogen another selfie, this one of my face—I'm biting my lower lip, eyes wide, glancing to the side at Franco laying next to me—his mouthwatering and lust-inducing body is on full display from the waist up. I send a caption a second later:


ME: Uh-oh. He’s waking up. Time for round…3? 4? I’ve lost count. Tell me I’m a cold-hearted man-eating b*tch with no soul. Tell ME!

IMOGEN: You’re a cold-hearted man-eating bi*ch with no soul? Only, you’re not. So…you’re on own with this one. Except if you need me of course. I’ve got All Thai’d Up on speed dial, three bottles of Josh in the rack.   

ME: if this goes south—or anywhere except nowhere, you’d better make it four. Or six. Because we’re either going to be incredible together, or we’ll destroy each other. There will be no in between. 

I set the phone aside as Franco’s stunning blue eyes open and fix hungrily on me. He reaches for me, and all thoughts are banished except one:

God, I hope I know what I'm doing… 

I laugh internally at that, because does anyone know what they’re doing?

I know I sure as hell don’t.

September 14
Jasinda Wilder
Seth Clarke

Customer Reviews

Lexilooloolex ,

Steamy and dreamy

Drilled is the second book in the
Dad Bod Contracting series. I really love this series. It has real people in everyday life situations with really spicy, sexy times! The heroines are strong and full of spunk and the men are hot and dreamy.

Audra and Franco’s story is great! They both have rules and tall walls guarding their hearts. They don’t want to break those rules or get too close, but they can’t resist each other. Their attraction is more than physical, it is elemental.

One click today and enjoy the ride of the push and pull and chipping away at their walls. Clothes fly during it all.

I am so excited for the next book in the series. Bring on more Dad Bods!

JodiB79 ,

Great Story

I loved everything about this story. I love Jasinda Wilder and her great stories. This one was no exception. I loved seeing Imogen and Jesse, but most of all, I loved meet Franco and Audra. I loved their chemistry. I loved watching them fall. I loved getting to see how much they really needed each other.

Franco was so much more than I was expecting. He had a crappy past, but he's learned to overcome. I loved how he tried to keep his memories alive of those he loved. He is such an amazing man and hero. Audra...there were times I wanted to beat her, but I understand why she was the way she was. I loved her personality. I loved her spunk. Most of all, I loved finally seeing her get her happy ever after. I can't wait to see what comes next for these two.

I loved getting to know more about our secondary characters as well. I loved James and his sweet girls. I can't wait for him to get his story. I am so excited for Ryder. Please check out these amazing books if you haven't.

Tara Lynne :) ,

**spoiler alert**

Audra & Franco...swoon! While both Audra and Franco work through their own personal struggles to work things out and come together finally. I absolutely adored this read. Jasinda adds so much depth to her novels through continued character development through series. When I finish one of their books...I never want it to be done. I feel so attached to the characters she creates and love each of them within their own rights. While Audra might be an ice queen, its because she's been hurt so deeply and needed the right kind of love to help her open up her heart again. Side note: I adore that this series is about adult women that have experienced life and hardships, instead of 20 somethings. I still firmly believe that every woman needs to have an alpha in her life!

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