Flesh Ravenous: Zombie Survival -Volume 1

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"FLESH RAVENOUS Volume 1" the zombie survival series includes FLESH RAVENOUS books 1 and 2, and the acclaimed horror anthology "PULP DUMMY DREADFUL: Tales to Make You Scared and Depressed."


They were once deemed modern folklore. The diseased rising after death, ravenous for the flesh of the living. But the real pandemic had spread rapidly. The world was unprepared. Now the world slowly rots.

At the early stages of the global disaster, Lawrence McArthur-Macy, former custodian and community college dropout, convinced his housemates to make preparations. Since then, they've been confined in their large suburban home, surviving months without electricity, running water, or outside communication. With windows fully reinforced with wooden boards, they live day to day in the dimness of candlelight. Their food and supplies dwindle. The restlessness of isolation sets in. Minds begin to break. On the outside, hordes of the dead roam freely.

Lawrence and his fellow survivors must soon venture out of their fortified dwelling, utilize whatever resources at their disposal to challenge the undead, to replenish supplies, to seek better refuge. For all know, that desperation will lead to savagery.


Lawrence, Sonya, Ally, and Tristan set out, finally leaving the safety of their fortified home, in an effort to find more supplies for their long-term survival. On the outside, the four quickly learn the ravenous packs of the undead aren't the only danger, as they face horrific incidences and bizarre situations one after the other. Can the group survive their once peaceful side of town that has fallen to decay and madness? Or will they become victims of the HALF-STARVED AND HALF-MENTAL?

The second installment to Flesh Ravenous, which promises to be bloodier, sicker, more disturbing, more offensive, much worse than the first. Become even more desensitized!

PULP DUMMY DREADFUL: Tales to Make You Scared and Depressed

An anthology of horror.

Seven tales of dread, of wicked individuals, sinister entities, and strange happenings. Tales unsuitable for children, the fainthearted, and oversensitive, emotional types. Tales to make you scared and depressed.

"THE MAGIC OF MR. AND MRS. CRUFF" While little Lucy's mommy and daddy fight and throw stuff at each other, she hides in her room and talks to friendly shadow people, who give her all the junk food she wants.

"DUWENDE" In exchange for booze and smokes, the mystical, tiny man grants Santiago a wish. When it comes, Santiago isn't thrilled. He's disgusted.

"SOUL BURN" The powerful new drug is only sold to "special individuals" and Dominic is one of them. He soon experiences the mind-blowing trip, but it totally isn't rad.

"THE ME" Kurt receives terrifying text messages…From himself?

"ASLEEP FOR SERENA" The girl of his dreams. The girl he only knows in his dreams. The girl he truly loves. Rob will finally meet her.

"NO WAY, MAN" Janet's daughter is distressed and won't stop crying. "No way, man," the three-year-old keeps saying, "no way, man." What does it mean?

"THE GUMMY WORM GIRL" She's a horridly deformed enigma and she loves gummy worms. She's about to change a candy store employee's life.

Pulp Dummy Dreadful.

Some bastards won't go to hell soon enough.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 16
Shock Therapy Underground
Draft2Digital, LLC

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