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The first book in Marliss Melton's SEAL Team Twelve military romantic suspense series offers a riveting look at the hardships faced by both prisoners of war and the families they leave behind--and what happens when they finally come home.

Helen Renault has started her life over thinking that her Navy SEAL husband Gabe was dead, but when Gabe returns he seems different and more caring, until the memory of the past three years starts to come back to him.

A Hero's Nightmare.
Gabe Renault doesn't know why he was in a prison camp. He has no memory of the past three years or of the Navy Seal mission that went wrong. Only two things kept him going: thoughts of his wife and the certainty that he must escape.

A Sudden Homecoming.
After Gabe is presumed dead, Helen pulls the tattered pieces of her and her daughter's lives back together. Married young and for all the wrong reasons, she's standing on her own two feet at last-and proud of it. Then comes the biggest shock of all--Gabe returns home. Gone is the distant, secretive husband he once was. This new Gabe is a man she could easily, finally, lose her heart to. But his memory is slowly returning, exposing a trail of government treachery...and jeopardizing his and Helen's second chance at love.

November 15
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Cpitcock ,

Good Start to a Great Series!

orget Me Not is a good start to a great series. I particularly enjoyed reading it this 2nd time around, already knowing all of the characters from it and the following books in the series. For me, this book has an intriguing and action packed storyline. I liked the balance of romance and suspense, and really enjoyed the character of Gabe Renault. I liked the way that after suffering something horrific, he came back determined to be a better husband and father, even though he didn't remember his family. His wife, Helen, was much harder for me to connect with. When her husband, who she has thought has been dead for the last year, suddenly turns up alive, she finds it an inconvenience to her new lifestyle. I had a hard time forgiving her for that. Even though he wasn't a model husband or father, I could have understood her reluctance to take him back in her life, but not her seeming disappointment that he was alive.

After a mission goes wrong for SEAL Team 12, Gabe Renault is missing and presumed dead. In actuality, he is being held captive. It is a year later before he manages to escape. Gave had a deep seated fear of intimacy, which caused him to give his all to his team, while virtually ignoring his wife and stepdaughter. After two years of an marriage with an emotionally distanced husband, Helen is unhappy and ready to call it quits. When Gabe doesn't come back after the failed mission, she makes a new life for herself and her daughter. A year later, she is not overjoyed when Gabe turns up alive. Although very reluctant to have him in her life at all, Helen takes Gabe home to help him recover, planning to end their marriage once he has improved. While he has memories of earlier in his life, Gabe remembers nothing of the past three years, which includes all of the time that he has known Helen. Once at home, Gabe seems to be a completely man from the one Helen knew in the past. He is much more open and approachable, and actually seems to want to be part of her life and that of her daughter. As Gabe realizes his life is in danger, Helen must decide if they could have a future together.

While I believe this to be the weakest book in the series, it is still a good one. All of my issues with the book come down to feeling like Helen is heartless for not being thankful that her husband is alive. I do like the way their relationship is resolved, and I believe Helen ends up with the appropriate feeling sfor Gabe. However, it is very difficult to get past my initial dislike of her, even upon this re-read of the book. Gave, on the other hand, is a character who tried to be a better man, and I admired him greatly.

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