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Getting off can be a whole lot of fun…until it all comes crashing down.

Dylan Pierce is all about speed and adrenaline. He's looking to go pro with off-road racing, driving trophy trucks hard and fast. He's good, and he knows it. But when he rolls his truck, he winds up in the ER with a minor injury…and a major hard-on for the beautiful—and aloof—Dr. Brooklyn Foster. As if she's not distracting enough, the powerful—and hot-as-hell—Lucas Fox enters the picture, and Dylan finds himself spoiled for choice. Only Dylan doesn't want to choose.

Lucas gets what he wants, no matter what. And what he wants is Brooklyn Foster. But when the brazen Dylan Pierce swaggers into a formal affair in jeans and racing boots, things get interesting fast. Lucas decides he wants both of them. And he's determined to have them. But when Brooklyn's career is threatened, he's faced with one of the most difficult choices of his life: do as she's begged and stay the hell out of it, or go behind her back and use his money and influence to help her. Either way, he risks losing her. And Lucas doesn't like to lose.

Doctor Brooklyn Foster lives for her work. She's put her patients before herself, her career before her love life. And now she's finally up for the promotion she's been dreaming about for years. Then Lucas and Dylan crash into her life—and upend everything. The guys are beyond gorgeous. The sex is beyond mind-blowing. And driving Dylan's truck is a thrill she never knew she was looking for. But when a compromising video threatens her career—and everything she's worked her whole life to achieve—all the hot kisses in the world can't save her—or her men—from the fallout…

Reader note: contains M/M/F ménage and hot romance elements, including and male/male love. A complete, stand-alone story with a happily ever after

March 14
Etopia Press
Wolf Hill Publishing, LLC

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