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Her magic flows from the earth… 

Jayce Bonheim is on the sheriff’s radar and not in a good way. Always the reckless one of her triplet sisters, Jayce is trying to turn over a new leaf. No more wild partying. No more one night stands. 

But when someone leaves a dead body in her pickup truck, her resolve to become the sensible sister is sorely tested. Caught in a web of love, murder, and magic, Jayce must clear her name and discover who is behind the curse that holds her family and town in thrall. 

Ground is Book Two in the Witches of Doyle Trilogy. 

Spells included at the back of the book!

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 20
Purple Papaya LLC
Purple Papaya, LLC

Customer Reviews

math wizard ,


As the story continues, you are in for a surprise. A few more people will die and the fairy/ unseelie will be up to not good. Jayce is being attacked again and Karin as well. Lenore is having difficulties traversing the shaman worlds. There is trouble in paradise for Jayce and Braden but Nick and Karin are doing well. Lots of action, plots twists and plenty of surprises! I highly recommend this book and the series!

medium627 ,

Enjoyed It!!!

I really enjoyed the first book, and look forward to reading the 2nd. I feel in love with the triplets. Each one having their uniqueness. Storyline was good. Well developed characters. Still want to know who Belle is....guess I’ll have to read on to find out. Thankyou Kirsten for a great fun to read series.

Sequin7 ,

Bound, Ground and onto the next

I have enjoyed the first two books of this trilogy. I noticed in the second book more minor editing issues. Karin's car went from a ford focus in the first book to a ford escort and later back to a ford focus in the second book, and Braydon's wife was Alicia in the first and Alyce in the second. I like the magical triplets but am always slightly irritated by their recklessness. Perhaps in the 3rd book once Lenore finds her true love they will get wise and combine their powers?!? :)

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