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From New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren comes Hard Breaker, the sixth book in her Gargoyles series where even the most beastly gargoyle is able to win the heart of a beautiful human female.

Ivy Beckett 's gift feels more like a curse. She can hear things happening in distant locations, which is how she knows the very instant her family is killed by servants of the Darkness. Furious, she joins the fight to save the world – but the losses are mounting up. She thinks only a miracle can save them—but she doesn't expect the miracle to come in the form of a handsome gargoyle.

Baen is a fearsome Guardian, but when he awakes, even his surprised by war that is going on. But what’s even more distracting is beautiful Ivy. Driven by passion, she’s ready to charge head-first into battle. But Baen’s primal instincts to protect what’s his rise within him, and Ivy is dangerously attracted to him. Can she and her gargoyle warrior save the world…and fall in love?
“Soars with fun, witty characters and nonstop action.”Publishers Weekly on Stone Cold Lover
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October 31
St. Martin's Press

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~Mindy Lou~ ,

Intriguing read!

This was an intriguing read for me. The idea of a gargoyle that comes to life and mates with a human was enough to snag my attention and had me wanting to read this series. I didn't start with book one. I had read book 5 when it got released at the beginning of the year. The overall series plot was good. It was interesting and kept my attention, but I will admit that having the heroine in book 5 as the gargoyle threw me a bit. I do love a woman with power, but I like for her to have an equal as a mate.

I admit, I loved this book more having Baen as the Gargoyle. He fit the idea of a Gargoyle to me. He was a big, strong and behaved more like a military man. His protectiveness towards Ivy was appealing. His acceptance of her as his mate was absolute. Then seeing him commiserate with his "brothers" over the stubborn female was entertaining.

Add in the way the author brought all the Gargoyles and their mates together to battle the ultimate evil and I was riveted to this story. I am a bit confused to if this is the final in the series. The evil is conquered but the book ended abruptly. No epilogue. I'm not sure if the author has something planned for their future or if that really is the end.

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