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A conspiring duchess. An amnesiac doppelgänger. Can hearts be true in the midst of double deception?

Anna feels little anguish when she sees the dead body of her husband. The young widow has no plans to mourn over the cruel Duke of Watkins, but she knows that his untimely death will put her at the mercy of his malicious younger brother. With help from her loyal butler, Anna smuggles away the body in the dead of night…

Anna hopes to keep her husband’s death a secret until she’s settled far from the reach of her spiteful brother-in-law. When she stumbles upon an unconscious, wounded man who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Duke, she wonders if she’s found the solution to all their problems. The stranger wakes up with no memories of his life, and Anna wastes no time convincing him of the lie…

As her husband’s doppelgänger begins to treat her like true royalty, Anna succumbs to his affections. Just when she thinks the charade is in the clear, the truth bubbles to the surface. Can Anna convince the amnesiac of her love before losing her husband a second time?

Her Counterfeit Husband is an enthralling Regency romance. If you like steamy sex scenes, suspenseful twists, and sizzling chemistry, then you’ll love Ruth Ann Nordin’s duplicitous tale.

September 5
Ruth Ann Nordin
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Howling gale ,


I loved it. It warms my heart🙂

magslujan ,

Her Counterfeit Husband

This is a very good story, I have read some of your other books and have never been disappointed, I highly recommend this book and truly enjoyed this book and so glad it has a happy ending.

Kimbo1216 ,

So many mistakrs

For an author this well know and with so many regency novels, I’m surprised by the number of historical inaccuracies. Even the most formal duke and duchess wouldn’t “your grave” each other to death. They’d simply be “duchess” or “duke” or more likely the duke would just be addressed by his title only (ie watkins).

A lord wouldn’t introduce himself and his wife as “lord of.../lady of”...its be early of hedwrett (or whatever rank he had) and countess...

An unmarried daughter of a lord would be lady first name. Not lady last name.

And they wouldn’t need to look for a priest in Gretna Green. Most couples just went to the blacksmith as it was the first stop across the border.

So many distracting mistakes.

The overall story was intriguing, but the development was lacking. This could have been a really great story if developed more. Instead, I only had surface level investment because it basically skimmed through what should have had more detail.

And there really should have been more bewilderment over the situation verses the casual acceptance we saw.

I’ve read this author before, mostly her westerns I believe. Maybe my memory is faulty, or maybe I’m less picky on westerns, but I don’t recall this many mistakes. Just take some time to google and study regency times. I get it’s impossible to perfect, and we don’t know all the protocols, but we do have an idea of the basics which were largely missed in this telling.

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