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                     Fate Plays Dangerous Games

                          England 1815.

     After escaping the days of terror in France, Cherie Beaumont has spent eight years hiding in China before she arrives in England, looking for a peaceful and quiet life. She does not need a man in her life that can turn her head, as she can fight as well as any man with a rapier. But when she finds herself the house guest of the Duke of Mornington and the strong emotional attraction hard to dismiss, she does not see the danger creeping towards her.  

     Jack Blackenhawke, the Duke of Mornington life is well structured and very organised, spending all his time in parliament believing it is his duty to help the people of England obtain better lives. He does not need a wife or heir as he has seven brothers and he most certainly does not need a woman who tempts his mind to be diverted, so he cannot think straight. Especially when she holds dangerous secrets that could not only place his family in danger, but could get them all killed.

September 2
K. E. Chaloner
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kimbo1216 ,

Great story.

Great story. I really liked these characters and felt invested in them. The cousin angle threw me as it never fully developed, but maybe the author is just laying seeds for future stories. There are a lot of brothers, we barely meet most of them and don’t really get to know them. I get 7 is a lot, but more mentions of them would have been nice.

She also had that chapter that skipped over to three men. It was interesting and a good addition to the story. But why only the one? It added a lot of suspense, and I feel a few more slips into their perspective would have been a good addition.

I also wanted more from garland. He was such a big part of the prologue yet he was barely in the main story. I feel he was a great character who just wasn’t in it enough. And maybe that’s the problem with the story as a whole as there are so many characters that we don’t really get to know any besides the main two even though so many of them are so interesting. I hope this author evolves in her writing and starts working out introduce characters more slowly with more development.

Overall though, the story is great as are the MCs. Highly recommend.

I also highly recommend the author get an editor or her musketeer friends to look over the book. There are a ton of typos and grammar mistakes. Like an apostrophe never makes something plural. So the Hollingsworth’s should be the Hollingsworths. And then there are mistakes like brought instead of bought. Or innocents instead of innocence. Missing words or extra words. Things like that. A good comb through for mistakes would be a good idea.

bestofbetty ,

Fate plays dangerous games

Really enjoyed the story.

NewEarthorBust ,

5 stars

I was totally sucked into the world the characters inhabit. Love the characters, too. Really imaginative for the romance genre. Humor, wit. Thoroughly enjoyable. I don’t give 5 stars often! (There were noticeable typos and grammatical errors, but don’t let them keep you from reading this.)

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