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Isabella Martinez was always good at rebelling, against her parents, her school, her boyfriends. She had needs no one could meet, desires so dark no one could tame her. When her wild side gets her in trouble with the law, she doesn’t think twice when given a choice between prison or transport to a new world as an Interstellar Bride. Alone on Earth, the decision was easy. But when she arrives on Viken, she learns she’s been matched to not one fierce, alien brute, but three—and their desires, their needs, their demands are far darker and more demanding than her own. As enemies plot to destroy Viken’s place in the Coalition Fleet, Bella will have to learn to trust, or lose everything. Her mates will feed the hunger inside her no others ever could. Their complete dominance will either break her…or set her free forever.

And love? Well, they can demand, taunt and tease her submissive body. But her heart will not be so easily won by Her Viken Mates.

May 5
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middldigit ,

Interstellar Brides Program...

Isabella Martinez is in prison for hacking computers. She signed up for Interstellar Brides Program in order to be free. When she arrived on Viken she is pleasantly surprised to see her three mates. Viken Warriors and members of the Royal Guard, Rager, Evon, and Liam. Right away her thoughts of a happy home turn to ash as loyalties are questioned...

R. Manor ,

Her Viken Mates

Her Viken Mates(Interstellar Brides Book 11) by Grace Goodwin

This was one of the best Interstellar Brides books, I loved how unlike the others, this one opened up with a male experiencing the mating testing, and that caught my attention relight away.
In this storyline there is a heroine, Bella, who is a talented genius when it comes to computers and breaking into or protecting systems. Unfortunately she has been framed by her employers and ends up serving time in prison. When give a choice between prison or becoming a mate to an alien on a far off planet she jumped at the offer. This heroine is into some non-vanilla kind of sex and has always kept that side of her very private, until now.
Awakening on an alien world Bella finds herself mated to 3 males who immediately want to show her they can meet her needs. The 3 Viken males have to not only get used to being in a group together as a family but also sharing one female (this is a f/m x3 only book) . This book is beyond hot🔥, have some ice handy. If you are into very hot erotic sci-fi romance/adventure with a bit of kink you'll enjoy this book a lot.
There is some intrigue and family dynamics that threaten their happiness. I love that Bella is the one to save the day and is able to contribute professionally to her new home.
Another great addition to the series.

Byrdbrains123 ,

From the male side...

I loved that the story gave the male point of view.

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