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Ashlyn Murphy was not living the dream. Twenty-seven years old, college educated, up to her eyeballs in debt and yet she’d been relegated to pouring beers at a local bar. She desperately needed an out and was willing to do anything to get back into the corporate world. Well, almost anything. Dan Evans, Rock Star was NOT one of those things. In fact she despised him. Apparently he didn’t get the memo.

Dan Evans, bass player of international rock band Power Station had it all. He was rich, travelled the world, played to millions of adoring fans and had no shortage of beautiful women willing to share his bed. He didn’t need a moody redheaded knockout with a superiority complex complicating his life. Or did he?

When two people who couldn’t be more opposite cross paths, it’s bound to be explosive; sometimes all you can do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Book one of the Power Station series.

October 10
T Gephart
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

CSingh84 ,


When a book starts off the way this one does, you know it can only be a great story. I was torn between laughing at the predicament Ashlyn found herself in at her job interview and groaning in embarrassment in sympathy with her. Initially I wasn't sure what to do because apparently there was another series featuring characters mentioned in the first couple of pages that I hadn't met yet. I was worried I would be lost reading this book, but thankfully I wasn't. Before I knew it the story had grabbed my attention and all my fears melted away.

The chemistry between the main characters is electric and I was either laughing or fanning myself from the heat the two of them gave off. I have a feeling if you pick up the book you'll be doing the same. It was fun seeing Dan and Ashlyn bait and one up each other when it came to insults. I didn't think Dan has a chance with Ashlyn, regardless of how much he protested she said, when Ash did some stuff that totally changed the mood of the whole book for the better. She threw herself, Dan, and me for a loop.

I really liked Ashlyn. She's honest, hard working, caring, and a great friend. I understood her reticence at giving her budding friendship with Dan any sort of title due to his fame and reputation. While Dan might be a total bad boy, I was surprised by the depths in his character. For someone who is un-repentantly and unapologetically himself, seeing Dan
want to change the dynamic of his relationship with Ashlyn was satisfying. It's not that he changed himself for her, but her realized what the difference between Ashlyn and everyone else was. It was truly like the two complemented each other. I liked how really faced the challenge they faced that tested their relationship. Dan made a mistake and I understood Ash's response. I really wanted to shake Dan but then again I wanted to shake Ash too for being so stubborn and semi-reckless. I liked how Dan gave her the space she asked for when the separation was tearing them both up on the inside.

The book really flew by. I may have already mentioned the laughter this book caused me, but it was so worth being looked at when I giggled, chortled, or snorted while reading it. I'm so glad I finally got a chance to read this book. I'm seriously going to be looking into the Lexi series because I have to know what happens between Lexi and Alex. It sounds like a fabulous read. I'm so glad I was able to finally read a book by T Gephart. She's written one of my favorite band books. If you're looking for a book to make you laugh and swoon, with a bad boy who doesn't know why he enjoyed snuggling, definitely check out Power Station and this book!

Romy46764545 ,

High Strung

T Gephart introduced us to Dan Evans in her Lexie series. A colorful bass player in the rock band Power Station with little to no verbal filters! Enter Ashlyn Murphy a tough down on her luck broker with attitude and you have an explosive, highly entertaining combination. I look forward to reading the next book from this talented indie author.

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