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Holding You

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Deep breath … I am peaceful, I am strong.

Free-spirited Addy Brecken is Milwaukee’s most talented vegan chef and co-owner of Sage Leaf Café. She has a genius IQ, a padded savings account, an amazing view of Lake Michigan, and a heart that won’t stop beating. 

Deep breath …  I am peaceful, I am strong.

An early April morning finds her drowning in the seductive fragrance of lilacs and the warmth of the morning sun when she’s nearly hit by a car in front of her café. The peaceful existence she’s desperately tried to maintain after the horrific loss of her family is suddenly shaken by the Range Rover driving, arrogant, sex-on-legs Quinn Cohen.

Deep breath … I am peaceful, I am strong. 

A successful, Latino businessman from New York, Quinn has a taste for the finer things in life. A typical playboy, he has the money, the houses, the cars, and the women. Quinn is everything Addy avoids. Where she lives simply and prefers to help the less fortunate, he has no problem spending an obscene amount of money on a briefcase. Their opposite personalities lend to several heated encounters, and Addy finds herself propositioning Quinn for the one thing she never imagined needing … sex.

Offering only her body, Addy tries to keep Quinn at a safe distance from her heart and a world away from her past. Their passion-filled connection makes Addy feel something unfamiliar, alive. But with passion comes more feelings: anger, jealousy, love. When Addy surrenders to the unimaginable and lets go of her past, she’s faced with the impossible … holding on to her future.

Deep breath … I am peaceful, I am strong.

*This book contains adult situations and explicit content 17+

February 21
Jewel E. Ann
Jule Dirksen

Customer Reviews

Kited1 ,

Perfect 1st iBook read!

I love Addy and Quinn and I am loving the angst! I've stayed up past my bedtime way too many days this week to finish this book because
I Just Can't Put It Down.
That cliffhanger though ...
Yep, off to read book 2, Releasing Me.

Lots of trouble to have name! ,

Love her writing, but this ends with leaving you in the air

I really dislike it when you don’t know what happens and the book is done. I would not recommend it unless you have the series

Annmric8 ,

The vegan eating hippy had an appetite for the Latin lovers beef stick.

Main characters: Addy and Quinten. Addy co-owned a vegan cafe. Addy was quirky, clumsy, fun and funny. Addy took care of her body. Addy was a simple and carefree single thirty-one year old. Addy's character was smart, driven, and confident. Addy was a firecracker of a character with a sassy mouth. I loved how she confronted issues on the spot.
Quinten was a businessman who was well traveled. Quinten was a romantic in the form of grand gesture schemes where spending money was not a problem. Quinten was adventurous and an adrenaline junkie.
Supporting characters: Mac. Addy's best friend. Jake. Employee at the cafe. Eddie. Driver or chauffeur for Quinten.
Addy talked to herself in the story, shown in italics. Story was told in the third person. Each chapter included a famous quote about love, romance, or sex by famous people. An insta-connection story that was sexually driven.

Addy clumsily met Quinten the Latino playboy from New York visiting Milwaukee on business. Quinten enjoyed the finer things in life. He was a complete contrast to Addy. Addy chose to donate to charity whereas Quintin chose to spend money frivolously. Addy wanted a one night fling with the out of town playboy and found herself played by the player. One note stating he had "fun" sent Addy into a tailspin of anger towards Quintin for making her feel used when she wanted to be the one to use him. Addy's character was witty with humorous comebacks sometimes out of nervousness and other times during awkwardness. Addy made a sexual arrangement with Quinten to hook up with him while he was in town. Addy was a free loving spirit who cared about animal rights and human rights. Addy's character was intellectually smart but lacked common sense. With Quinten she turned into a salacious sex kitten that was starved for sex.

There was an undertone for something deeper in Addy's character. Addy held onto a secret only her and Mac shared. Addy was hiding her true emotions by distracting herself with sex.
The Turning point in story for me was when Addy went to New York. The beginning started off slow. While this story is sexually driven it also contained in depth character development and a plot beyond sex. They were an insatiable couple.
Jewel managed to squeeze quite an adventure into this story. This one ended on a cliffhanger.
#convenientfling. #hotLatinlover. #veganandproud. #givetocharity. #insatiable
#moneydoesnotbuyhappiness #oppositesattract #philanthropist

The vegan eaten hippy had an appetite for the Latin lovers meat stick.

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