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It starts with a single kiss… it’ll end with complete surrender.

Georgeanne Hayes is his best friend’s little sister. Off limits. Too perfect for the likes of Black Ops soldier Sam McKnight—no matter how badly he wants to corrupt her.

Georgie has wanted Sam for as long as she can remember. But all he’s ever done is push her away. 

Now that someone wants her dead, he’ll fight to save her—and he won’t give in to the need that haunts his every waking moment. 

His life far is too dangerous. Too unpredictable. 

She plans to convince him he’s wrong. That she’s strong enough. She’ll fight for him, and she’ll win.

She has to… because her very survival might depend on it.

**This is an updated story! If you read and loved the old HOT MESS, you don't have to buy this one. If you were left wanting a little bit more -- more suspense, more action, more emotion -- then this one might be for you. This book is updated with over 10k words of new material! Because of that, it's being published as an expanded edition rather than the same book.**

September 19
H.O.T. Publishing
Lynn Raye Harris

Customer Reviews

charlligirl ,

True love

Such an interesting twist, I never expected it. This is why Meghan March is known as the queen of twists and turns. I devoured this book. I needed to know what was going to happen next. As always, Ms March did not disappoint. Cannon is HOT. And Drew/Memphis is strong, capable and respected. When the truth comes out, what will happen? What will be the fallout? I still have some questions after reading the story. Hopefully, we will see more of Cannon and Memphis in the future.

TheVicariousHeroine ,

Perfect Quick Read

I never read the original version but I did just finish the extended. It was perfect! Sam and Georgie took a common trope and made it exciting. It was a combination of their love and wanting to know if everything would be okay that kept me turning the page. It’s a quick read but none of the joys of a longer story are sacrificed.

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