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Following her stunning and critically acclaimed novels Such a Pretty Girl and Leftovers, Laura Wiess crafts a riveting and emotionally powerful tale of beauty, destruction...and love.

Seventeen-year-old Hanna has been in love with Seth for as long as she can remember, but now that she and Seth are in an actual relationship, love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Seth is controlling and all they seem to do anymore is fight. If that’s what love is, Hanna doesn’t want any part of it. Besides, she has something else on her mind: graduation. But she’s been ignoring the school’s community service requirement, and now she needs to rack up some hours in a hurry.

Hanna volunteers as a caretaker for her neighbor Mrs. Schoenmaker—an elderly woman with advanced Parkinson’s whose husband can’t always be there to watch over her. While caring for Mrs. S., Hanna becomes mesmerized by an audiobook that the older woman is listening to, a love story of passion, sacrifice, and complete devotion. She’s fascinated by the idea that love like that really exists, and slowly, the story begins to change her. But what Hanna doesn’t know is that the story she’s listening to is not fiction—and that Mrs. Schoenmaker and her husband’s devotion to each other is about to reach its shattering, irrevocable conclusion...

Spellbinding, timeless, and achingly poignant, How It Ends is a story of how love ends, how it begins, and how people and events have the ability to change who we are without our even realizing it.

Young Adult
August 4
MTV Books
Grades 9 and Above

Customer Reviews

Zerg-rush ,

Satisfying Every Time 😊👌

This is without a doubt my favorite book, even though I generally shy away from reading modern authors, I've read it every year since I first discovered it. It is a book within a book and that aspect is what sends this novel into the realm of 5 star reviews. The second story adds a depth that would render the book superficial without it. It is the balance of raw wisdom and delicate naïvety which can envelope the reader in a kind of comic relief before sending them back into a darker place to make you reflect. I cannot recommend it enough. 👍👍 (Also, to respond to a previous reviewer, yes Helen could have written the book Hannah read. She wrote the book while she had the capacity to do so and through research and working knowledge of the degenerative process it would have been easy to predict where she would end up. She wrote the final part as a general summation of where and how she could foresee herself and not the literal narration of her status, as that, yes, would have been impossible. Her accuracy is to be expected, as there was only one way for it to end.)

Hayduke_42 ,

Great book.

This is a really wonderful book with characters that are so easy to love and identify with. I didn't want it to end. The one issue that I have with it though is that there isn't any way the book written for Hanna could have been finished by Helen. By the end of "How It Ends", Helen is already wheelchair bound and unable to communicate, yet when she writes the book, she still has all of her faculties. Other than that, simply wonderful.

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