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Miss Maria Garten had one more season till she was firmly on the shelf.
One. More.
It was her only chance, because while some ladies could pretend or sincerely be at peace with the life of spinster.
She was not among their ranks.
Taking a deep breath, she reminded herself once more to think before she spoke. It shouldn’t be difficult.
Except that it was, for her at least.
Because the only thing more certain than her potential future as a spinster was that Mr. Sheppard was a confirmed bachelor.
A rake of the first order.
Not the kind that would ruin an innocent, but the kind that would charm them, seduce her with his charming words, make her fall in love with the legendary smile and easy manner that was as easy as breathing.
And then he’d walk away to find a new distraction.
Utterly unaware that he had broken a few hearts in the process.
Maria refused to be counted among them.
She needed a husband, not a distraction.
After all, friendship was far less complicated.
Wasn’t it?

January 9
Blue Tulip Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Lisa's Reads ,

Another great regency by Kristin Vayden 4.5 stars

Another great regency romance by Kristin Vayden. This is the last season for Maria Garten before she will end up being a spinster, something she most certainly does not want to happen. When her friend the confirmed bachelor Curtis Sheppard offers to help her find her love match she accepts his offer. Things are going well until Curtis realizes he may have feelings for Maria and needs to figure out what to do about it. This story offers mystery and intrigue and of course swoon worthy romance. I really enjoyed reading this story and especially enjoyed getting a peek of the characters from her Greenford Water Series! This book can be read as a stand alone but you may want to read A Tempting Ruin first this book crosses with that one some.

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