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New, updated edition 2020!
Here are the answers to all your questions about that hard-to-pin-down man you’ve been dating! Here are the little-known secrets (all the things players DON’T want you to know) to cause any man to commit to you. If you follow these strategies, any man will beg you for a REAL relationship!
Dr. Kelley, from years of experience (her own and her clients’) takes through the step-by-step process of getting your man to fall in love and ask you for a committed, exclusive relationship that leads to marriage.

•What is a player?
•How “bad” is he, and how likely is he to become a stayer?
•What do I do if I’m already in love with a player?
•Why are players always attracted to me?
•How do I stop falling for their hustle?
•How do I turn him into a stayer?
•When is the right time to ask for a commitment?
•Can chemistry be changed and how do I fall out of love?
•Should I give him an ultimatum?
•Should I (we) seek professional help?

Don’t waste one more minute of your precious time on a man who won’t/can’t commit. Find out NOW if he can be turned into a stayer! In just a few hours you will know exactly what to do and when with all the players in your life.

January 18
Lyn Kelley
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Customer Reviews

Seriously, Dude ,

Plain and Simple!

I like how the author writes as tho she's talking right to me. I used to be pursued by so many players that I just completely stopped trusting men. Now I have some tools -- I know how to spot a player and I know how to determine if they can become a stayer. She explains the difference between "players" and "commitment-phobics" and how you have to handle each of them very differently. Plus, it's very entertaining (learning how to "play" their game better than them!). I will definitely use some of these strategies!

miss2sweetkc ,

Women's playbook

Want to know how to play the mind game of a man before you get played? Want some answers to WHY? about the mind games of men. This is the book to read alone with her other books. When you pick it up, you won't want to let it down. Don't just read it, study it and I guarantee you will win the game.

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