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Irresistibly seductive and beautifully complicated, former military wolf shifter Hunter Golden finds himself constantly at war with his inner beast when it comes to women. His human side is attracted to sinfully wild bad girls while his wolf wants a quality woman who knows what she wants in life and isn’t afraid to take it.

His world is about to be turned upside down when his beast finally agrees with his human, and the target is in his sights.

When the billionaire playboy finds himself tangled up in a property scandal and comes face-to-face with the wickedly curvy Kia Nash, he knows his hedonistic bachelor lifestyle is over once and for all. She is everything both he and his beast have always wanted, and what the shifter wants, the shifter gets.

What he doesn’t know is that, unlike the other women he so easily attracts with his skillful hands and fiery passions, the buxom beauty isn’t going to go down without a fight. It’ll take more than sweet whispers and soft touches to win her over.

It’s time to let his beast take control.

Hunter is a standalone paranormal romance novel in the Wolf Elite Shifters series by Sedona Venez. If you love riveting storytelling, sensual former military shifters, and paranormal romance that never quits, then you’ll love the Wolf Elite Shifters series.

Buy Hunter to dive into a world of sexy special forces shifter romance today!

September 15
Sedona Venez
Sedona Venez

Customer Reviews

PNRBookLover ,

Great book! Please, let there be more coming.

It's 2:30 in the morning and I'm only half awake so this may not be the best review, but this was such a fantastic dtory that I just couldn't go to bed until I finished it. This is what I get for starting a book so late in the day.

I really have fallen for this series and it's characters. In this book we catch up with Hunter, who we met in the last story. Hunter is a playboy with deep pockets who flaunts both his money and sexual exploits as boadges of honor. He is a confident man who, while boasting about all his 'deeds', still manages to be a good guy. After learning that an old friend of his passed away, Hunter heads back to Texas to pay his respects and check in on things there. Once he arrives, he learns that his old friend's ranch was passed down to his next of kin, which happen to be a New Yorker named Kia who doesn't know the first thing about ranching. Hunter decides to help get the ranch back on it's feet in an attempt to honor his late friend's legacy.

Kia, a fashion photography from New York, never met her great-uncle Daniel before, so she was really surprised when she learned she'd inherited his ranch in Texas. Being a city slicker she doesn't have a clue what to do with a ranch. She initially thougth that maybe she should sale it, but Hunter, her hot neighbor, makes her a deal she finds pretty appealing. He's going to spend the next month helping get the place running, with the stipulation that if the ranch doesn't turn a profit by the end of the month then he won't stand in her way of selling it. She decides she doesn't have anything to lose.

The two quickly realize the amazing chemistry inferno that blazes between them, but they both decide that a romantic entanglment isn't wise, especially with her leaving soon and his secret. Fate has a way of laughing at us when we try to make plans for ourselves, and that's exactly what happens to Kia and Hunter. The two quickly fall into the hay together. Everything is going good until a greasy buisnessman shows up wanting to buy the place. Danger quickly follows once Kia refuses to sale.

The characters of this story really were likeable, at least all except Bradley. I enjoyed going on this journey with them and I hope the auhtor has plans for another books. I would love to see what happens with the rest of the unit. Well done to the author!

Yodasowise ,

Book 3 Hunter and Kia

We have been introduced to hunter in book one, hear a little more about him in book 2 and finally get to meet him in this book. He’s not like the persona he throws out there - playboy who is throwing his money around and looks. He’s a hard working cowboy with some morals. He’s back home under some sad circumstances and trying to save a ranch while fighting his feelings for the new owner.

I really liked how independent, feisty and smart Kia is and how she and hunter play off and work together. I also liked the suspense and story line (no spoilers!) in the entire series and this book does not disappoint.

I would LOVE to read about the other squad members too so here’s to hoping this isn’t the end!

Highly recommend yet another book by this author!!!

Deb W. 81 ,


Hunter Golden has had a very interesting life. He meets Kia and things begin to happen. ❤️❤️📚👍

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