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"I believe that India R.Adams have acquired herself a new reader."—The Book Junkie Reads 
"A must read!"—The Jersey Book Aholic 
"The wait for the next book is going to be a highly anticipated one. India R. Adams did a wonderful job."—Shellby, NightWolf Book Blog 
"Anyone that follows my reviews at all may notice by now that I've become a huge fan of India R. Adams."—Carrie's Book Reviews

What if you knew you had just met the other part of your soul–the one who can take away all the pain and loneliness but no one believes you because the rugged stranger from the woods is nowhere to be found? Would you search for him? Would you be strong enough to continue to believe that he exist somewhere out in the darkness where you he found you? And if you were to finally find the stranger from the woods and learn he is like no other tale that has ever been told… would you still have the courage to love him?

Rose has no time for romance because her father has passed away from an illness plaguing the small town she grew up in, and now her mother has also contracted the illness leaving Rose's two younger siblings to be her responsibility. But when her best friend Gunner forces her to be young for a night and celebrate her twentieth birthday with a bomb fire and friends, Rose meets a stranger who lives in the woods, and Rose soon learns he is no stranger at all. In fact, this warrior, magical being is trying to keep her… alive.

Two bloods of one will bring down the shadows, to cast, no more...

Fiction & Literature
June 28
India R Adams
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

OlliesMomma82 ,

Another one!!!

So this paranormal had my head spinning. The roller coaster I was on emotionally kept me on my toes. The action and love of this is so intoxicating. As I read I could feel the emotions! This series starter has a cliffhanger ending and makes you want to jump right into the next! Happy reading!!

DMCechak ,

The Prophecy Will Come With the Rain

A beautiful tale that creates a new world. Somewhere you have never been before. Actually two worlds that join as one.

Rose grows in a world of love, but must choose her destiny. Ryder and Gunner are parts of her love.

This unique story, written by India, claims a stake in your heart. It is colors and music and feelings and love and pain. It is life. And it continues, just like a River.

Kait0802 ,

A Wonderful Paranormal Must-Read

What I Liked:

Romance- Of course, I need books I read to have romance in them and this book had that element. There is a bit of a love triangle/rivalry going on, which I didn't mind one bit. The little bit of a love triangle isn't huge, so if love triangles aren't your thing, I would still give this book a chance. The connection between Rose and the man of her dreams I loved.

Paranormal Elements- If Paranormal is a genre you love, then I guarantee you will fall in love with this book. Rain contains demons and elves. Both elements were done in a very beautiful way. And I was immediately captivated by this world.

Gunner- Gunner has been Rose's best friend forever. And I have a sweet spot for those type of characters. It is clear that he has feelings towards Rose, however, Rose may only feel loyalty to Gunner rather than attraction. I absolutely loved his character and he is willing to do anything for his best friend, including putting his differences aside from the man in the woods/Rose's dream guy. Gunner is caring and he is her rock when things get tough.

Secondary Characters: India R. Adams has a serious talent for writing amazing secondary characters. I loved them all, especially Blaze. He was full of wits, and who doesn't love a witty character?

Ryder- Ryder was *takes a deep breath* amazing. He is the guy of every girls' dreams. He was very charming and I also really enjoyed his character.

What I Liked That Some Readers May Not:

The Ending- There was a twist at the very end, so be prepared to be wanting the next book ASAP!

With each new book of India R. Adams that I read, I fall more in love with her writing each time. Rain was no exception. It was beautifully written and is definitely a must-read. I don't just love this book; I am completely obsessed with it! I truly cannot wait for book two to come out!

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