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Love knows no names—no bounds—sometimes you’re bound by destiny…

Micah’s choices and actions when he was young left him estranged from his family—the Ravage MC family. Older and wiser, it’s now one of his biggest regrets … along with pushing Emery away. 

Emery has been walking a tight rope for far too long. Everything has changed. Dealing with her near death experience, her brother’s return, and her parents problems have left her feeling very lost in a world she thought she knew. 

Except—sometimes when we are so lost we manage to find exactly where we should be.

Jacks didn’t mean for it to happen, but Emery slammed into him like a freight train pushing all the buttons he’d kept locked down for far too long. Jacks though, can’t get caught up in a game of who is the better man. Been there, done that, and lost in a big way. 

When everything changes, destiny is all we can hold onto. Emery finds herself caught between two very different men unable to keep her heart out of the mix. 

Sometimes we bleed for others—and sometimes the past, it just won’t let go.

Other times—some people walk away not allowing us to have a choice in the matter ...

Those are the times that hurt the most and cut the deepest.

April 24
Ryan Michele
Wicked Words Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

LouLaRue ,

Bound by Destiny

Another amazing book by Ryan Michelle! She makes you feel like you are living every word she writes. As much as I usually can’t wait for the next book especially in the Ravage MC series I admit this one had me a little apprehensive since I don’t usually like books that have a love triangle or even anything that even hints to one but I should’ve known better then to have worried when it comes to this author. As usual I loved every second! Can’t wait for the next!!

86Amysss86 ,

Bound by Destiny

Wow what a great story. Couldn’t put it down and it is full of laughter and emotions. Shows you the loyalty of family and how they always stick together. Loved seeing all of the other characters from past books in this story. I like how each story builds more on the past characters and learn about the current characters story. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Devilwmn ,

Keep hands in cart at all times and brace yourself for a wild ride!!!

**Received ARC for a fair and honest review**
Bound by Destiny is the 5th book in the Ravage MC Bound series. This book was a crazy of the hook ride from beginning to end. I couldn't put this book down. Between being impatient to find out who Emery was going to end up with and the insanity of the story I was completely HOOKED! There won't be any spoilers in this review.
Emery has been through the wringer and now she's at a crossroads between two men. One she grew up with and always thought she'd end up with. And the other she grew to love with his devotion to her. But making a decision for her isn't easy. Along the way, I was going crazy because I knew who I wanted her to end up with, but at times it didn't seem like it would happen. When she finally made her decision I was like oh thank goodness. But things aren't always that simple and things in the Ravage MC were about to become a lot more complex. Between her decision, and the rest of the storyline there just wasn't a place where I could even take a break-- at least for me. And just brace yourself for the end. Not going to give anything away... that's all I'm going to say. Being a little obsessive because of how I like stories to end up, the only thing I didn't get which I hope to maybe see in a future book is the proposal of the one Emery ends up with. I will say that I did enjoy the chemistry between the characters and was quite happy with who Emery ended up with. It was a great read, that I will re-read to make sure there was nothing I missed it was soooo good. Hope this helps!!! Happy Reading!!!!

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