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The Waitress

The man is uptight, stubborn, and steals her breath away with each inadvertent touch of his hand. Selena Chapman's boss is oblivious to her overwhelming attraction to him. And annoyance. The man drives her insane with his rules.

But something has shifted between them. One day he's barking orders, and the next he's invited her to work with him, alone in the mornings, before her shift at O'Keeley's Irish Pub begins. He tries to stick to the strict "no dating policy," but pushing the envelope, seeing exactly how long it takes before Mr. O'Keeley gives in, is too much of a temptation for Selena to pass up.

Expecting it to last is foolish. But, for a short while, she wants to feel his strong arms around her and pretend that her guilt and responsibility to her family won't keep her single forever.

The Boss

He knows better than to be attracted to a member of his waitstaff. Brogan O'Keeley sets the example for his employees to follow, and after the last disaster of trying to date an employee, he won't venture down that road again.

Too bad in his one weak moment, he set himself up for torture. Bringing Selena into work to help in the mornings might unravel everything he's built. Just her presence in his office is too much of a distraction.

O'Keeley's can't risk another lawsuit, and trusting Selena proves harder than he ever imagined. But the harder he pushes her away, the more he wants her.

Her Irish Boss is a contemporary romance full of humor and angst, proving that true love exists, even if it takes breaking a few rules to find.

Her Irish Boss is Book One in the O'Keeley's Irish Pub series by Georgia native and award-winning author, Palmer Jones.

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3. Her Irish Flirt (November 2019)

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2. A Little More

3. Please, Stay (available November 2019)

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