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Journey to the magical world of Erthia in this exciting prequel to The Black Witch by critically acclaimed author Laurie Forest.

Before Elloren came to possess the Wand of Myth, the Wand was drawn to Sagellyn Gaffney. Sage’s rare magical ability makes her the perfect protector for the one tool that can combat the evil forces in Erthia. But in order to keep the Wand safe, Sage must abandon everything she once knew and take a path that could lead to triumph…or utter ruin.

Books in The Black Witch Chronicles:

The Black Witch
The Iron Flower
The Shadow Wand
Wandfasted (ebook novella)*
Light Mage (ebook novella)*

* Also available in print in The Rebel Mages anthology

Young Adult
August 1
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Eighth Grade

Customer Reviews

WhitneydBailey ,

Light mage

Light Mage is the sequel to Wandfasted. According to goodreads it says 1.5 so I’m assuming you read it after wandfasted and after the main book in the series The Black Witch. I read Light Mage after Wandfasted and before The Black Witch instead of after because if you read the synopsis then you should read Light Mage before The Black Witch and The Black Witch picks up at the end of Light Mage. It makes some references that you wouldn’t get if you didn’t read it like that.
This book follows Sage Gaffney who is a Light Mage. Her family is really religious. She has 2 younger sisters that are around 6 & 7. She is about 13 when her family decides she needs to be Wandfasted. She notices that she’s getting a few stares when they go the place where her and several girls are to go through this. A girl named Draven and her friends are mad and upset because Sage is being Wandfasted to Tobias which should be Draven’s fast are not Sage’s. Draven is dragged to the alter to be bonded with her fast mate that she doesn’t want.
Fast forwarded a few years later and Sage sees Draven on the arm of Tobias which they seem close even though they can never do anything because they are fasted to other people. So, Sage tries to win him back and Tobias attacks her while they go for a walk. When she tells everyone no one believes her. He tells them that she per swayed him and acted inappropriate. She decides to go on a walk and almost throws herself off a bridge when she changes her mind and almost slips.
She meets this guy who works at the smithery across the street from her hotel. He’s an elf guy who wards her because she has none around her. He has this silver hair. She then meets this girl and guy while at the bridge who take her in by giving her other clothes and hiding her from the tracking spells. They get to the hide out which is the Smithery. There are a few other people there. She stays in the room of the man that found her. They start to grow close and talk. Her father and other high level mates come looking for her there so he sneaks her onto a wagon while the family is interrogated. It takes about 2 days before she sees any of them again. While in the wagon there she sees other refugees trying to get out. They make it to this place that it warded and meet up with the family she was staying with.
She has a wand and spell book. With that she tries to fade her fasting lines. She is attached by 2 demons who are searching for the white wand which was given to her as a child by gwen. Sage always thought it was just a game but quickly realizes it isn’t and this is the real white wand. This man who she befriends saves her and is taken back to his quarters. She finally gets the fasting lines faded gone and she gets to be with this man. But somehow in the middle of the night her lines return and they burn like no other pain. Turns out she is pregnant and he has been wearing chains to counsels his turn form of being an elf prince.
She is taken to an another place where she is protected from the Garderians who want to take her baby that they believe is the prophesied ickeral winged baby that will fight against the next black witch. The baby is a blue winged thing. She isn’t happy where she is because her lover isn’t there and they think of her baby as a weapon. So, she escapes and goes to get her sisters and to give Elleron Gardner the white wand who is the granddaughter of the late Black Witch. Elle is shocked to see her and tells her that they can talk to her family but Sage is against it and pushes the white wand to her. She tells her of her baby and what they want with it and a smidge or what has happened. Then, she turns and leaves.

cubesly ,

A good backstory to the white wand

It was interesting to learn the history how the white wand got to Elloren Gardner. I feel like it was a good setup for The Iron Flower. I hope Sage and Elloren work together in future novels. If you are a fan of Black Witch Chronicles I recommend this book.

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