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Magic, romance and adventure collide in Wandfasted, the irresistible ebook prequel to The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

When they painted Heretics on our barn and set fire to it, I thought that was the worst it could get.

Until they sent the dragons.

But they didn't count on us having dragons of our own. And they certainly didn't count on Her. Our Great Mage. The Bringer of Fire. The Storm of Death. The Crow Sorceress. Our Deliverance.

The Black Witch.


“I absolutely loved The Black Witch… Maximum suspense, unusual magic—a whole new, thrilling approach to fantasy! —Tamora Pierce, #1 New York Times bestselling author

The Black Witch is a refreshing, powerful young adult fantasy. This strong debut offers an uncompromising glimpse of world-altering politics amplified by a magical setting in which prejudice and discrimination cut both ways.” —Robin Hobb, New York Times bestselling author “I absolutely devoured The Black Witch—a power-packed read that elegantly tackles a very tough, relevant subject in a fantasy setting, perfect for new and old readers of the genre!” —Lindsay Cummings, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Young Adult
July 1
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Eighth Grade

Customer Reviews

WhitneydBailey ,


I gave this book a 5 star. It follows the story of Tesla a level 3 mage. It begins with her making potions and taking them into a town where her witch kind isn’t really liked but tolerated. But this time the couple she usually trades decides they’re not doing it anymore. At the same time outside people began to wrangle up her kind and bring them to town. She escapes with her friend Jewels who is part of this town but then they are captured.
She is put into a pin with other girls of her kind. While her family and other males are put into a barn. The barn is sat on fire and she grabs a wand from one of the soldiers and puts a shield over her and the women. Level 5 Mages came and saved the people in the barn and her as well.
Vain is a level 5 mage that helps her along with Vail. He is the son of the the Black Witch. She is taken to a tent and goes in and out for a few days.
She is made aware that a lot of people don’t like her due to the fact they think she is impure and has had relations with a kelt. She tells them Jewels is just a friend but that does little to change anyone’s mind. Then she is told her and other refugees are gonna be wandfasted which is where you are put together with a mate. Almost like you are promised to this person and lines become visible on your hands. Also, you can’t be with anyone else if you’re a girl because your hands will burn and other things. When you seal the marks they go up your wrist and it means that the ceremony or wand fasting is completed and has been consummated. She almost gets fastmated to this level 5 mage who just wants to see if she’s pure but Vail steps up at the last minute and tells his mom that their infinity lines are the same.
He is kind to her and has her family taking care of. Even though her grandfather almost forced her to be with someone she didn’t want. She gets to know avail more and more. She is fallen for him. She also learns he is friends with Jewels. So that’s why he was trying to act disinterested in her in the beginning.
They try and keep away from each other since both their fires burn. But on the night they were going to seal their bond a knock comes at the door and it’s a friend of Vail’s. He needs Vail to help in the Hiding of his mistress that’s a seal woman. She can turn into a seal with her skin. If she does have her skin then she’s powerless and takes the form of a human. She has this baby and they both are in trouble. So, they agree to help and hide them.
Then it fast forwards to their a wedding that they have and that’s the end. The only part I didn’t like was it seems to just all of a sudden ends.

Jraphu ,


The story of Vale Gardner and Tessla Harrow is truly beautiful. They both had misjudged each other so wrongly, but they way they began to understand each other was beautiful. I know in the The Black Witch their children believe they are dead but I really hope they are still alive, maybe fighting for the resistance? 😀 I don't want this to be the end for these characters.

Mic sting ,

Amazing book

I was really entranced with this book. It was an amazing read and was so well put together. I know a lot of you will think this fake and who cares, but it is a really well put together book. I loved reading this book.

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