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  Only ten days before Abraham Lincoln took the oath of office in 1861, the Confederate States of America seceded from the Union, taking Federal agencies, forts, and arsenals within their territory. To make matters worse, Lincoln, who was elected by a plurality of the popular vote, was viewed by his own advisors as nothing more than a gawky, second-rate country lawyer with no leadership experience.
  What Lincoln did to become our most honored and revered president is history -- but how he can help you to run your organization is not. LINCOLN ON LEADERSHIP was the first book to examine the diverse leadership abilities that have made Abraham     Lincoln an inspiration to everyone from businessmen to Barack Obama. And in today's complex world, these lessons are more relevant than ever. You'll discover why you should: 
  * Seize the initiative and never relinquish it
  * Wage only one war at a time
  * Encourage risk-taking while providing job  security
  * Avoid issuing orders -- instead request, imply, or make suggestions

Business & Personal Finance
July 7
Donald T. Phillips & Associates
Donald T. Phillips

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Samwedges ,

Great Leadership Book, lots of typos

This is a wonderful book looking at Lincoln's impressive leadership style, as well as giving real life application to today's business leaders. The amount of typos in this book, however, were very distracting to someone with attention to detail.

St. Louis Card ,

Poor Quality

I'm disappointed with the quality of this book. There are blatant grammatical errors and a large number of other formatting issues. I would honestly ask for a refund due to the poor quality. It's not worth the money. The book clearly has great content, but the errors prevent a good reading experience.

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