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Hooking up with my brother’s two best friends was a bad idea.

But when the guy I’ve crushed on for ages stumbles on my stash of battery-operated toys, and offers to teach me how much fun they are with a partner, there’s no way I’m saying no.

Especially when his boyfriend wants to watch.

It's just a one-time thing, though. Which is good, because I need headspace to focus on the Hollywood costume designer who’s trying to scam me and other cosplay designers like me out of our hard-earned money. She’s making my life a living hell for exposing her to the internet.

Jax and Grayson offer a tempting distraction by exposing me. In my bedroom. At a company holiday party…

If I can’t unravel how I feel about them, and sift through the Hollywood-style legal trouble we’ve brought crashing down around us, the only things I’ll be getting for Christmas are a broken career and a shattered heart.

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December 24
Acelette Press
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Customer Reviews

loriawojo ,

Sensational Story

I received this book as an ARC and am freely leaving a review.
This book was amazing! I pulled an all-nighter because I couldn’t put it down. In my opinion those are the best kind of books. The ones that have you so drawn in that you become vested in the story. You have to continue to read to find out what happens next and you just can’t put it down. Next thing you know it’s 4am and you’ve finished the book! This book was definitely one of those for me.
We have 3 main protagonists Sadie, Jax & Grayson. Sadie has her own You Tube channel that supports her income. She makes Cosplay costumes and does How To videos. Grayson will help model the costumes for her. Her dream is into get into the big leagues and work on Hollywood productions. Jax is her older brothers friend from HS but they all hang out in group together. Grayson is dating Jax. Can 3 people remain friends after an innocent afternoon of fun or will it destroy their friendship? Was it ever truly innocent? You’ll have to read this superb book by Allyson Lindt to find out.

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