Losing Neverland

A Dark Retelling

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Publisher Description

Peter & Hook? They're the same man!

"This book is insane in the best way. It’s twisted and devastatingly beautiful. Passionate, obsessive, & emotional."

"I'm a huge fan of retellings, a huge fan of dark romance, a huge fan of anti-heroes, & boy this one had all three!"

All is not as it seems in Neverland.

As for Peter & Hook, well I know the secret most don’t.

The real truth behind the myth.

The hidden wonder you’ve never known

disguised as the notorious legend.

I know the nightmare that brings Hook to his knees.

The concealed facts which bring out nothing but his ruthless darkness.

I know the inescapable reality that one day changed Peter Pan forever.

I witnessed Peter’s inevitable fall from grace.

His loss of innocence.

A destiny he one day couldn’t fly away from.

All you’ve ever been told is a lie.

A hoax.

A pixie trick.

I know the truth because - I’m their ruin.

I’m their demise.

I’m the end of what was &

the beginning of what’s to come.

My name is Wendy Moira Angela Darling.

I’m the inescapable fate they couldn’t defeat.

The chosen one who inevitably forces their surrender.

And I’m the reason for losing Neverland.

Praise for Losing Neverland:

"I wish that I could reread this book for the first time, it was so good!"

"WOW! I could NOT put this book down! It was a rollercoaster ride. This book is dark, twisted, unique, and beautiful. It’s a dark romance, but it's also a beautiful second-chance romance. I ate this up so quickly I already miss it! What I would give to be able to read this for the first time again!"

"Losing Neverland gets all the stars!!! This is your sign to go by this book right now. Growing up, Peter Pan was always one of my favorite fairytales. Let me tell you, the story gets better with age and the adult version. I absolutely could not put this book down. Like I refused to cook dinner and made the kids order pizza couldn't put it down. Wendy and Peter are so amazing and the spice between these two, holy cow! This dual POV is dark, sexy, and it hits all the right spots."

"I DO NOT even know where to begin with the absolute perfection Losing Neverland is! I never want to watch a single Peter Pan movie or the cartoon because I want this story to be Peter and Wendy's real story!!!"

"Where do I submit my request for Evelyn to retell all my favorite childhood stories into dark romances?! I am a sucker for dark retellings in general, so when an author who I consider to be one of the 'Queens of Spice' announced she was taking on a dark Peter Pan remake, I had to read it!"

"'Everything. That’s my favorite part.' Truer words were never spoken. I read this book three times. Three in a row. And each time I was just as sucked into the story as the first. More so actually as this is one of those books that the more times you read it, the more you find it blows your mind. The symbolism in this book is astounding. The twists are different in that they are revealed early. The love is a timeless, tragic, beautifully happy love story that will absolutely leave you coming back again… and again… and again."

"Losing Neverland will keep you saying, 'just one more chapter,' until you finally finish!"

"OMG!!! I’m still in shock. Losing Neverland is a Peter Pan retelling like none of the rest! What a ride! This is not the story you thought you knew. THIS IS A DEFINITE RECOMMEND FOR ME! Do yourself a favor and don’t read any spoilers or crazy detailed reviews & go in blind. It’s worth it. We all know the players, but Evelyn’s version will grab ahold of you and not let go."



Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 29
Evelyn Montgomery
Brittany Fuller

Customer Reviews

Jen Bemis ,

The only Peter and We day story for me!

"I want to make you feel faint, Wendy. I want to make your world go black and be the only one that breathes you back to life. Gives you air."

I DO NOT even know where to begin with the absolute perfection Losing Neverland is. I am not a person that reads retellings but knew I would be reading Ms. Montgomery's and after reading it....I never want to watch a single Peter Pan movie or the cartoon because I want her story to be Peter and Wendy's real story!!!

This retelling is nothing like all the others I have heard about. There is a uniqueness to the plot, a twist that the reader finds out in the very beginning....which is not Evelyn's normal writing style. So once you know the big secret you in turn get the beautiful tale of how it came to be. Where things went so wrong between these two seventeen years ago.

You are taken to Neverland in both the past and present. The alternating between the flashbacks of the young couple and the present day couple is part of what makes their story so great. By the author taking us back to the beginning with them the reader is able to feel so much more connected to present day Peter and Wendy. They are each other's first loves....each other's only loves. They experience all of their firsts together. While this is a slow burn the author gives the reader plenty of tension build up and little sprinkles of spice here and there. Once they finally realize they are ready for that next step....the spice level intensifies!!

Along with Peter and Wendy there are familiar characters that play a part in their story....Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, John, and numerous Lost Boys. Of course this wouldn't be an Evelyn Montgomery book if there weren't a few more plot twists thrown in the mix to have you guessing and/or questioning. Her writing, as always, flows poetically across every page. I do not know how she manages to continuously give her readers books that are written the way they are. I swear I highlighted more lines from this book than I have any other book....EVER...her words are that powerful and beautiful and touching. Even at times when heated conversations are going I would still find a line or character thought that I had to save for later.

Irenic_Reverie ,

Not Your Average Pan

“If I had one wish, I’d wish everything in my life could begin and end with you.”

I have literally been so hyped for this book since Evelyn announced she was writing it and let me tell you, it far exceeded my expectations! This is my first fairytale retelling and it will now forever be my favorite. I loved how Evelyn wrote the backstory of both Peter and Wendy. Both stories literally broke my heart, but the love that grew between them mended it so beautifully. The twists and turns were insane! I’ve said it countless times before, Evelyn is the Plot Twist Queen and she knocked it out of the park with this one!

jnmly ,

Amazingly dark retelling

This book absolutely did not disappoint let me tell you!!

This dark retelling of Peter Pan is Amazing I could not put it down. The authors version of Neverland was intriguing.. Peter is hook… Hook is Peter 🫣 5 out of 5 stars!!!!

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