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“...lace panties, thong or nothing at all...or would you like me to check?”

-Lucien, Alpha of the Last Hope Werewolf Pack

From the moment Lucien, Alpha of the Last Hope Werewolf pack, sees Lanie, he knows she is his. Overtly sexual by nature, Lucien pursues Lanie, undeterred by the fact that she is Human and their union is forbidden.

When she encounters an Alpha Werewolf determined to have her, Lanie is flattered and confused. The unworldly, innocent Lanie is terrified of her intense desire for Lucien.

Lanie soon discovers the patriarchal nature of Werewolf society and begins to question Lucien’s motives. Is the lustful Lucien only intrigued by the idea of sex with a Human or is he interested in something more? Can this modern woman tolerate the old fashioned notions of Werewolf culture or will their cultural differences keep them apart?

Lucien’s Mate challenges the traditional mindset by presenting both Lucien’s and Lanie’s perspective as their story unfolds.

This steamy novella is intended for Mature audiences only. Thank you for keeping this in mind when leaving your review.

September 24
Diana Persaud
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

AliciaJ85 ,

Good concept but...

It has a decent premise but it is poorly written with one dimensional character development. Segues are random and happen without warning. Descriptions are vague and the settings are almost never given with any depth. Also, the author doesn't know the spelling difference between "off" and "of".
All in all, if you're desperate for reading material this is readable, just seriously lacking.

Amaris Julee Gould ,

Great idea, eh on the execution

I liked the general plot and think this author has potential. After all, you need a really good idea before you can even sit down and turn that idea into a book. However, the flow was choppy and rushed. It was hard to gain any emotions or feelings with and for the characters. This felt like a really long summary of a book, like a cliff notes version. Even the climax of the book lasted only a few pages. Any feelings of danger or fear was completely missing. It's like the author just wanted to get to the erotic parts (there were quite a few)... which were only okay since you could not feel any of the character's feelings or connections. The conflict between human/wolf relationship was barely felt. Two stars for the great idea and no grammatical errors.

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