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Since Thanksgiving, life has gotten very complicated for Brooklyn Prescott. After being whisked away from Rosewood because of a threat on her life by terrorists—the bad guys her father is working hard to eradicate—she finds herself back in London. Now she has no friends, no boyfriend and is basically under house arrest courtesy of her father. But he’s just trying to keep her safe now that the unforgiving press splashed her picture all over the tabloids after seeing her with the famous Declan, known as ‘the Dashing Duke.’ Brooklyn has gone from being on the cusp of having it all to having the life of a hermit.

Trying to make the best of things, she uses her Christmas gift from her parents—a Moleskine notebook—to start writing, and even finds an intriguing subject to write about: the strange man who sits outside her window for hours at a time. As she creates his fictional story in her room at night, she starts to discover the real one by day. But as life begins to imitate art (or is it the other way around?), Brooklyn realizes she is in way too deep with this guy.

And what about the boys she left back at Rosewood? Will she ever see them again? More importantly, will they ever be able to forgive her for what she did?

Making Ripples is the sixth installment of The Rosewoods, an exciting new Young Adult series for readers who love fun, flirty love stories.

Young Adult
January 26
Over The Cliff Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Dr. Beth ,

The Rosewoods Book 6 - Brooklyn!?!?

Oh how I love this series, but Brooklyn's life is enough to give a person whiplash. Granted it isn't all under her control, but she could seriously make some better choices. (But again, she is a 17y/o high school girl.).
So after being whisked away to London (via the Swiss Alps) she is stuck inside almost all the time. The one time she sneaks out, she misses Brady, who had come all the way to London to find her.🙁
Being the obviously boy-crazy teenager she is, she becomes enamored by an older man who sits on a bench outside her London flat. He has some secrets, but then again, she's keeping quite a few of her won. But they become close, closer than they should, until the secrets are revealed. How's she gonna handle this? And what will the fall-out be?
As much as I enjoy the series, Brooklyn's 's fear of just telling the truth is getting a little frustrating. So we'll see what happens in the New Year...

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