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Fall in love with The Brides of Hilton Head Island, Sabrina Sims McAfee’s, International Bestselling contemporary romance series. MARRYING THE SECOND TIME AROUND is an emotional, sexy love story with light suspense. When the alpha men in this series falls in love it’s always and forever. And their dashing brides couldn’t be happier. 

Book Description:

Getting married again is the farthest thing from her mind, until she spent one night with him. 

Divorcée Leslie Spaulding is content with spending time with her adorable family, attending church, and volunteering to help underserved people. Convinced that her dating years are well behind her, the last thing on Leslie’s mind is getting involved romantically with a man. Suddenly, a devastating event storms into Hilton Head Island, leaving it in complete shambles. Now Leslie is trapped and forced to spend the night with irresistible billionaire Colton Balfour. Spending the night with the stallion awakens sensual feelings in Leslie, and stirs her heart in ways she never fathomed. 

All he wanted from her was a friendship, but one night with her changed everything. 

Billionaire Colton Balfour has been through so much in his life. Divorce, death of a loved one, and betrayal has left the wealthy man scorned. Even worse, he’s now fighting to save his life. Struggling to come to terms with the bad hand he’s been dealt, Colton appreciates the supportive woman who’s always by his side—Leslie Spaulding. Tragically, a brutal event storms into town, leaving Colton and Leslie trapped inside his mansion. One long night with Leslie leaves Colton craving to be more than friends with the succulent woman. 

Evil lurks within the dark shadows.

As Colton and Leslie fall madly in love, his condition worsens. Knowing this, the billionaire decides to live life on the edge. Just when Colton thinks his life is over, he learns of an evil scandal. Now Colton seeks revenge on those who were set on destroying him. Crushing his adversaries to the ground is only the beginning for what he has planned for the small town. 

This book is filled with love, suspense, and murder. Read at your own pleasure. Thanks! 

December 26
McAfee Publications & Entertainment
Sabrina Sims McAfee

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