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So maybe dropping out of law school and feeding off a steady diet of booze and sex with random girls isn’t the best plan for my future. But when you get dumped by your fiancé for her ex, you act like a classic bad boy. Or maybe that’s just me. 


Visiting my sister and her new baby off the coast of Maine is supposed to help me keep out of trouble, but damn, Aubrey has a hot neighbor. The beautiful blonde Chloe won’t speak to me, but her piano playing lulls me to sleep every night, and I’m dreaming up some serious fantasies about that mouth of hers. 


Turns out, Chloe can’t speak, not with words anyway. Slowly, she tells me her story with her music and her texts. 

But my screwed-up current reality, and her relentless search for her long-lost twin may destroy us both in the process…

December 13
Erin McCarthy
Erin McCarthy

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Shannonisbadass ,

My review

I really enjoyed reading this series. Each character was in love in very different ways and it kept my attention through all 4 books.

lb2307 ,

Ethan finds himself

Love story about Ethan (Cat’s ex fiancé from book 1). This is interesting because it’s the only book in the series written from a man’s perspective. That’s always an interesting change.
As with book 3, lots of typos... not as many as book 3, but still too many.

Personal opinion on the story: I did not like Ethan’s character at all in this book. Most of his reactions annoyed me throughout. I didn’t think Chloe was very lucky to have him in the end and I was disappointed that this book was chosen as the one that would be written from a guy’s perspective. As a hopeless romantic, I thought it would have been more fun to write Ryker’s story (the manly man protecting his gal) from his perspective than listening to Ethan whine.

PSemones ,


Ethan’s life when spiraling out of control the first book and even at the end of the fourth book which is about him he's still spiraling. I refuse to purchase the last book. The other sad think is most series I have read the people in the first book are usually in the rest of the other books so you get to see how they have grown. Not this series. I also am confused about Chloe and Anya, I first read that Chloe was six months when adopted then she tell a story about playing outside with her sister. Then I read when Ethan started looking for her sister the way I read it she was around four. I wish this author could keep up. The third book was so full of typos I started highlighting them in blue, when I skip through most of my book has color. No more from this author.

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