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I fell passionately in love with my foster brother, Heath, before he left without a word and broke my naïve heart. 

I’ve reinvented myself, put the past totally behind me. I’m no longer Cat, the wild child running free on an island off the coast of Maine. I’m Caitlyn, with the perfect boyfriend, and the perfect life, all based on lies.

But then brooding Heath appears out of nowhere, honorably discharged from the Marines, the night I get engaged. He is determined to win me back, and I have to resist him. I have to, or all my secrets will be exposed.

But when one love allows me to breathe, and the other feels as essential to my life as air, how do I choose between them…   

April 13
Erin McCarthy
Erin McCarthy

Customer Reviews

sbsbrinson ,

Twists and turns

This story basically did lots of twists and turns throughout. It was sometimes a bit difficult to keep up. However, overall the storyline had a common thread through it that told of a special love and how the main characters finally worked their way through. All in all it was a compelling read!

Txvianj ,

Ripping off the classics

This is clearly the plot of Wuthering Heights, right down to the character names, and Book 2 is obviously the plot of Jane Eyre. I don't feel like I can even call this woman an author. She needs to stop copying the works of the great writers who have gone before her and come up with some original concepts of her own.

BToct ,

I feel like I've read this before???

This book is a little too much like Wurthering Heights... A little more up to date. Not half bad. Heath & Cat just felt right ❤️.

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