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Copper Creek Series - Book 3

One Memory That Couldn’t Be Forgotten or Forgiven...
The winter of 1880 had closed in on the town of Copper Creek, blanketing the Missouri countryside in a sparkling expanse of white. The stillness of the season afforded Ruth Randolph the opportunity to reflect on the drastic upheaval in her life since her husband's passing that summer. But then, nothing much in Copper Creek had remained the same, since more than one secret had been exposed because of Michael Randolph's death.

Infidelity, intrigue, deception and mistaken identity had all been revealed in the light of truth. Yet, Ruth couldn't have been happier. After a long period of grief, she had finally made peace with the past. But when a letter arrives from her estranged father, Caleb Vance, a grudge left unresolved for more than twenty years forces Ruth to relive the darkest hour of her youth.

Once caught between an arranged marriage and a passionate romance, Ruth made her choice at the point of a gun and nearly died for defying her father's will. Since that day, nothing but animosity had existed between them. Determined she could never forget her father's injustice or forgive his cruelty, Ruth's initial rejection of his attempts at reconciliation unwittingly draw her into his deadly struggle for revenge with the man responsible for their rift.

Coming to realize how grossly mistaken she's been, Ruth's desperate attempt to spare her father and save the town from financial ruin leaves her life hanging in the balance. As a result, the path of a single bullet from a notorious gunfighter’s pistol becomes her only hope to prevent the cruel events of the past from happening again.

November 29
Elizabeth A. Miller
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