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Waverly resents being sent home to Evando just as things are getting intense in Chardonia. She can't just sit in safety while her friends suffer under oppression and restrictions simply because they are women.

Upon returning to Chardonia, she discovers conditions have degraded faster than she thought possible, and her mere presence puts her loved ones in grave danger. When the Grand Chancellor calls for a change in laws that threatens the lives of her friends, her family, and anyone who doesn't comply, her only option is to run, with both friend and foe.

As the stakes grow higher with each passing day, Waverly must become the leader she's never been, or her life, and the lives of all those she cares for, will be lost.

Young Adult
August 17
Janeal Falor
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Customer Reviews

Lisettemariex3 ,

I love the series !

Great read

Jasmyn9 ,

Great Story - Needs a Proofread

This series takes a very dark turn in Mine to Fear. Things are not going well, and I'll warn you, the story arc does not end well. We do have a fairly decent HEA for the romance side, but the realm Chardonia is in chaos and it only gets worse.

The people of Envado are trying desperately to change things, and they are losing the battle. The Grand Chancellor is taking the country in hand by making drastic and severe changes that puts the lives of many at risk. It's scary, very scary, and you don't see much light at the end of the tunnel.

Waverly finds herself caught up in the war as she tries to free her friends from the tyranny of the Grand Chancellor and his friends that are determined to keep women and magic under the control of a very select male population. There's a lot to read between the lines here, and it was done very well.

My biggest complaint, and Mine to Fear may have gotten 5 stars without this, is the editing. There were some areas that were quite poorly done and it really did take away from my ability to just read the story. But it is one hell of a story.

Book_Worm2014 ,

The Fight Begins....

Join Waverly in this new thrilling adventure in the Mine series. As she becomes a leader,and shows more woman their worth/ the respect that they deserve. Despite being from a different country and being considered a barbarian. Waverly earns the trust and respect from those around her. And is finally able to do some good. But will it be enough to save those she loves most? Or will all that she worked for come crumbling down?

Once again, Janeal Falor writes another amazing book! She really knows how to hook the readers and keep the story going till the very end leaving you wanting more....

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