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The New York Times-bestselling series soars to even greater heights with a new prophecy and five new dragonets ready to claim their destiny!Peace has come to Pyrrhia . . . for now.The war between the tribes is finally over, and now the dragonets of the prophecy have a plan for lasting peace: Jade Mountain Academy, a school that will gather dragonets from all the tribes and teach them to live together, perhaps even as friends.Moonwatcher isn’t sure how she feels about school, however. Hidden in the rainforest for most of her life, the young NightWing has an awful secret. She can read minds, and even see the future. Living in a cave with dozens of other dragons is noisy, exhausting--and dangerous.In just a few days, Moon finds herself overwhelmed by her secret powers and bombarded by strange thoughts, including those of a mysterious dragon who might be a terrible enemy. And when someone starts attacking dragons within the academy, Moon has a choice to make: Stay hidden and safe? Or risk everything to save her new friends?

December 30
Scholastic Inc.
Scholastic Inc.
Grades 3-7

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butiful dragon lover ,

Part 17 (I think)

Shade was sitting on the top of death mountain. Her plan to use the Reaperwings was was a disaster. Apparently they could touch Twilightwings and apparently they multiply. And if you kill one you got to run or their eggs in their body will hatch and come out. But these babies are microscopic and will devour an entire dragon within seconds. And they grow up faster then they hopped. The Pyrrhian tribes fought back but failed. They swarmed the entire continent like locusts. She ordered her best guards to kill the alpha but sadly they never returned. They could fly but they prefer to climb. Black and red bodies covered the ground. Slowly crawling up to the top of Jade mountain. This was definitely a less then spectacular idea. “Mommy I’m scared.” Whispered one of the Twilightwing dragonets. “It’s okay. Don’t be frightened.” The mother said kindly. But in reality they have every right to be terrified. She inhaled ready to breathe fire on a small Reaperwing. She spat the flames into its face but he just walked through without a problem. As much as Twilightwings are powerful. Reaperwings are immune to any power. She knew they were not of this world so maybe she could try a different tactic. She inhaled sharply and screamed right into the Reaperwings face. His pure white eyes shut tightly. He covered his ears whimpering. ‘Their only weakness is sound. Because there is no sound in space. All the other Twilightwings inhaled and screamed as loud as they could. The Reaperwing immediately jumped off and flew down into the muddle of dragons. ‘Being quite may not be helpful but being as loud as you can will.’ Shade thought. Green, black, red, and white eyes looked straight up at them. She noticed the alpha down there. She was very big. Bigger then she remembered. And she had blue eyes instead of the normal which was weird. She suddenly launched into the air her insect like wings beating hard. She landed right in front of queen Shade. “What do You want?” Shade said summoning some courage. “Nothing more but to negotiate.” She hisses in a slithery voice. Shade stared dazzled. “Y-you can-“ “talk? Yes. We aren’t mindless. We just have a thirst for blood. And I’m smart enough to negotiate. You find that weird continent out there and come back and tell us were it is.” She said. “No! It’s a trap. I studied your tribe before we released you. You can find that content on your own! You probably already have.” The alpha smiled. “You aren’t as dumb as I thought. But I am hungry so good night.” Shade opened her mouth to scream but it was too late. The Reaperwings were surrounding her. The Twilightwings were gone and it was all her fault. They fought to the very end. But there was too many. The Reaperwings infestation had begun. They will pray on the planet until no one is left. Then and only then they will leave this world alone.

Yeah the Twilightwings are extinct now. Sorry 😔
Your next part should be in The dragonet prophecy graphic novel.

qibli from discord ,

A real review

Ok so this book gets a 4/5. Towards the beginning it deals a little slow and boring, but when Darkstalker is introduced the book begets really interesting. (Aka the end of part 1) another great book from an amazing author.

Shadow the rain/NightWing ,

Part 15 or 16 I lost track lol

When you said order 66 last time my mind went to Star Wars. Plus I maybe might add another dragon

Story: I sat there in pure terror, i nudge Star and Fade awake. “Were going to Prehistorica, I know a few tribes that can help” I say. “Who?”
“The DeathWings, I heard they are the best tribes In war with the best strategy’s. They win almost every war, they lost one because of a dragon from a history story”
“Okay then let’s get flying” Fade says. We flew off in the opposite side of the ReaperWings maybe if we are fast enough we can beat them there. “Prehistorica is east I think so let’s go east” I say. “How do you know this?” Star says. “Lots of scrolls get lost in the ocean and some even are water proof, like this one I found” I say.
We fly over the ocean flying as fast as we can and taking constant breaks on islands but that didn’t start after the first day of flight. “Geez and I thought Pantala was far” Star says. “How do you even know?” Fade says. “It was a line I read in a scrolls”

A day later
(I’m just don’t want to make two fan fictions worth of flying)
We set out talons on wet sand. We see a big forest and then a little dinosaur.. wait dinosaurs. Oooooh now I get it Prehistorica oh. I then see a bigger dinosaur probably a foot or two taller then a adult dragon. We back up, it’s long snout gets close to us and I bites Star on the next and star starts to claw. Fade jumps on its back knocking it off. “We should probably fly out of here” I say. “Yea” Star says. We support her while flying and we fly very far like for six hours. We see a small village just as the scroll explains the DeathWing village to be like. We land and we see a few dragons surround us. “Who are you?!” I dragon with a scar that goes from his snout to his eye. He had black scales and a purple underbelly his eyes where also orange. “We have come to request help” Fade says. “I think it’s best for Hadal to explain it” Star says. “We request presents with your queen or leader” I say. “Why would we-
“Do you want your tribe to die or not” Fade yells. “Fine” he grumbles as we start to walk. We walk past many dragons a few play fighting around and their parents watching them. Then I see a palace it was black and was very scary looking instead of normal fire as torch lights there was blue fire. As we step across a red carpet we see the throne and there she was the queen. “These dragons requested presents with you your highness, they say it for important matters”
“Well thank you General RedFlame you are dismissed” the queen says then sets her eyes on us. “Excuse us but we aren’t from here so could you tell us your name your highness” Star says. The queen was Tall with Ruby red eyes, her scales where mostly black with a few streaks of grey purple and black across her body and many scars on her face underbelly and neck. “I am Queen QuickKill and this is my daughter BlackMagic” she says. Yea BlackMagic (can you remind me what that’s from I forgot where I got that from) looked like her mother but instead of blue and purple it was red green and white. She also only had one scar on her tail her eyes where also dark grey. “So what do you need?” Queen QuickKill says. Star and Fade look at me and I say “Back at our home continent a mysterious and hidden tribe released a bunch of ReaperWings and they are the one tribe that can kill all Dragons and help TwilightWings take over the world, they are still searching for Prehistorica but we need to stop them before they do” I say in one long Paragraph worth of words. I feel all nervous about what will they think about me. BlackMagic looks at her Mother and they whisper to each other. “Do you have proof this isn’t just a lie?”. I point at Stars snout with a small bite scar on her snout and Fade where the little Devil Pierced is paralyzing thing in her and the big bite mark on my arm. The queen sighs “Sadly I think I know the dragon that would burn those dragons with joy”
“Mother don’t he has been dangerous since a thousand years ago” BlackMagic says. “We have no choice, if they can convince him to help us he maybe will be let back in his home and get to see his mother again. Plus he loves burning”

They whisper for a while then turn to me and the others. She grabs a Piece of amber and hands it to me. “Okay his name is DeathFlame and be aware he has blue fire, all three of you put your talons on this amber and say DeathFlame, and if you want to know this came from a animus back at DeathFlame’s time” the queen continues. I look at Fade and Star and we all say “DeathFlame”
We look and this looked like a giant castle with lava surrounding it and it looks deep underground. (Okay I went for a under world like theme but very different) “Looks like I have Visitors” says a creepy sounding voice. “Enter if you Dare”

Read this thing below this
(This was so long I had to split this in two parts so the second part of this is in book five )

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