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All Jillian Bradley wants is to spend a quiet weekend by the ocean and enjoy her afternoon tea. But a startling discovery draws her and garden club friends into solving a mystery that threatens her life and changes her future.The unlikely team helps the chief of police uncover a series of mysterious events that lead to solving several murders, both past and present.

Could the murderer be the mean spirited conference director? Perhaps it's the wealthy widow on the make for her next husband; or maybe the killer is the haughty businesswoman who shows no regard for her brow beaten-husband.

"Murder in Half Moon Bay," Book 1 in The Jillian Bradley Mystery Series, introduces Jillian's little companion 'Teddy,' a Yorkie who falls prey to danger but rises to become a sleuth dog in the next book.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 7
Nancy Jill Thames
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Customer Reviews

Rfhbhgf ,

Murder in Half Moon Bay

I really wanted to like this book but I couldn't. There were too many unnecessary details that made the book painful to read.

As other readers mentioned, it was too unbelievable that law enforcement would allow a garden club to freely investigate a murder. I can suspend some belief but it got a little ridiculous.

The storyline was difficult to follow too. In one paragraph Jillian was on the bus & the next she was holding her dog in her room. Transitions were not obvious.

It was a bit unnerving to have Ted, her dog, "speaking" throughout the entire book. I really didn't need to know his thoughts all the time.

The idea behind the book was enough to keep me reading (I had to know who dunnit.), but I really can't recommend it.

momof3inTexas ,

Murder in Half Moon Bay

It was an okay read. It had a lot of characters which was somewhat hard to keep up with.

Rebelprincess97405 ,

Murder in Half Moon Bay

Meh. Ok story, structuring was not consistent and some of the conversations seemed contrived. Dialog is difficult to portray naturally. My impression is that it is written for folks who need a very simple plot to follow. It wasn't awful but much too simple in many ways, also the depth to which the main character was involved with the local police seems highly unlikely.

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