Naughty All Night Naughty All Night
Book 5 - Lost Harbor, Alaska

Naughty All Night

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Publisher Description

A standalone novel in the sizzling Lost Harbor, Alaska series 

Kate Robinson has had a talent for trouble since she was a young teen in Lost Harbor, Alaska, during summertime visits to her grandmother’s peony farm. It’s the only true home she’s ever known, so it’s where she retreats when REAL trouble chases her out of California, her legal career in ruins. Upon arriving, Kate finds her eccentric grandma has rented out her home! First order of business—eviction. So what if it’s a move that could get her shunned by the locals? She’s not known as Naughty Kate for nothing.

Fire Chief Darius Boone doesn’t need to add landlady troubles to his already busy plate, despite how fun it is to battle with C. Robinson, Attorney-at-Law. A series of small fires have been breaking out around Lost Harbor. Nothing harmful. Yet. But the number of blazes is steadily growing. The only thing taking his mind off this latest town drama is fiery Kate, who makes Darius want to be naughty with her…in all the best ways.

Trouble is one thing, but nothing has prepared Kate for the likes of “hottie fire chief” Darius Boone. Why not have some harmless naughty fun while she figures out her next move? But she never expected the heat the two of them would generate—or to fall so hard. The next time trouble strikes, everything she loves is on the line. 

June 30
JB Books
Jennifer A. Bernard

Customer Reviews

angie1229 ,

Love it

I love Jennifer Bernard’s books in general because the characters are so fully formed and real, it’s like actually meeting them. This was another relatable story about two people with tender hearts that tried to keep new people from getting too close, and then life ensues! A great read!

Agent$$$$ ,

Naughty Kate and Smokin’ Darius

Kate, a hot shot attorney in Los Angeles, finds herself stuck in the mud on the side of the rode on her way to Lost Harbor. Kate left LA in a hurry, afraid for her life. So she’s not exactly prepared for mud season in Alaska. In her high heels and leather jacket, she makes for an interesting site when Darius stops to help. Not sure whether to trust Darius, she “arms” herself with bear spray. Although Darius finds Kate attractive and amusing, he also KNOWS she’s high maintenance—especially when she takes off without so much as a thank you. So he heads off to perform his set at the local bar.

Darius, the new Fire Chief of Lost Harbor, considers himself somewhat “broken” in the love/relationship department. Having been married and divorced twice, he’s vowed to NEVER give his heart to anyone again. When quirky Kate stumbles into his life, he might just have to change his plans. She’s funny, talkative, kind, and a hard worker (she helps her grandmother out at the peony farm). And she’s somehow worked her way under Darius’ skin. When a string of mysterious fires breaks out, Kate believes trouble has followed her from LA to Lost Harbor. She can't and won’t allow anything to happen to the town and family she loves. So she makes plans to leave...

Kate, Darius, and the Kama Sutra rug were hilarious! Kate’s ability to talk about everything and nothing at the same time was humorous. I loved the unique twist at the end. I thought I had the mystery figured out, but was so wonderfully wrong! LOVED the story and can’t wait to read Maya’s story. This is a complete stand-alone and you do not have to read the other novels to understand the story. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

kmmichels ,

The mud in the road started it

Didn’t want to put this book down! Darius was not going to fall in love again after two divorces, he was DONE. All his energy went into being fire chief, playing hockey and his bass. Kate was looking for normalcy and to get away from threats in LA. A little naughtiness gets thrown in the mix by some mud on the road, literally. I loved the banter and the intrigue! I cannot wait for more from Lost Harbor!

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