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Bartender Toni Del Rey is the quick-witted queen of the Olde Salt Saloon, famous for trading barbs with grizzled fishermen and putting rowdy customers in their place. Independent and fearless, she’s only ever lost her cool over one man—the childhood crush who got away. These days she sticks to the F’s: friends, fun, and fu…well, you know. But now Bash is back, and more crush-worthy than ever. Worst of all, he just bought the Olde Salt, which makes him her brand-new boss.

Bash left Lost Harbor long ago to become a professional fighter—and to forget his nightmarish childhood. He’s only back to return a favor, but when he sets eyes on Toni, he may never want to leave again. His best friend’s little sister has gone from tomboy to tempting, from mischievous to maddening—a fact he can’t ignore while they work side by side at the Olde Salt. But between Toni’s fierce independence, his reputation as “Bad News” Bash, and a few deep dark secrets, they’re hardly suited to anything lasting.

Then again, you never know what a little mischief after midnight will lead to…

June 1
Jennifer Bernard
Jennifer A. Bernard

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Agent$$$$ ,

Toni and Bash

I’ve waited FOREVER for Toni’s story! Toni and her brother grew up in Lost Harbor. As a child, Toni tagged along with her brother and his best friend Bash-always competing with each other. While Toni developed a crush on Bash, he never thought of her as more than a “little sister”. After an attack, in which Bash rescued her, Bash left town to become a professional fighter. Leaving Toni and Lost Harbor behind. Toni worked hard at the Olde Salt Saloon, took self defense classes, and made sure she did not have to EVER depend on anyone for anything. Toni also supported her besties as they each found their HEA, never believing that was in the cards for her. Sally, the owner of the Olde Salt Saloon, returns to Lost Harbor to offer Toni first dibs in buying the saloon. But Toni feels as though there’s more than the Olde Salt Saloon and wants to explore other opportunities. So Sally offers the saloon to another prospective buyer…Bash.

Bash returns to Lost Harbor to “repay a debt”. Bash grew up in an abusive environment. When things got rough and he needed to escape to someplace safe, Sally was there to help. Bash feels as though he owes it to Sally to buy the saloon to repay her kindness, so he buys the Olde Salt. Bash is not sure he wants to leaving professional fighting forever, but needs a break. But being Toni’s new boss proves harder than he ever imagined. He no longer thinks of her as a little sister and has trouble keeping his hands to himself. When Toni quits, all bets are off!

I absolutely LOVE best friend’s little sister stories! I also appreciate the fact that Toni was a STRONG woman. No one messed with Toni. She’s sassy, strong-willed, but so incredibly kind and loving. She’s also excellent with kids. I loved that Bash had to confront his past in order to have a better future. I especially liked that he was vulnerable and needed Toni to go with him to see his dad—baby steps. This was a very enjoyable story and well worth the wait. Loved seeing Maya and Old Crow!!! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Cheryl33610 ,

My new favorite couple

Every new story in the Lost Harbor series inevitably becomes my favorite, and Mischief After Midnight is no exception. Toni Del Ray has always been that intriguing character that is the friend to most of the former hero and heroines, runs the run-down bar in town and seems like a tough cookie. But Toni not only harbors an unrequited crush on her brother’s best friend, but she’s holding tight to another secret that only said crush, Bash, knows about.
So of course sparks fly, as well as some great dialogue and confusing feelings, when MMA fighter Badh comes to town…as the new owner of The Old Salt bar. It’s fun to watch Bash try to get a handle on Toni’s managerial style, and how she deals with the fishermen who are regulars.
I’m also very intrigued by Tristan, Toni’s brother who’s recovering from his serious head injury from the previous book. There’s a mystery there to be uncovered…and I can’t wait!
Yup, Toni and Bash have push everyone else aside to become the Lost Harbor couple to beat in the next book. Bring it in, Jennifer Bernard!

Jen G F ,

Mischief After Midnight

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Mischief after Midnight is book 9 in the Lost Harbor, Alaska aeries by Jennifer Bernard and another great edition to this series!

Up next is Toni Del Ray and Bash Rivers. He is her older brother best friend who left the Harbor and is now back to buy the Olde Salt Tavern where Toni works. Toni has been in love with Bash since they were kids and now she needs to get always before he discovers how she feels…except he has those same feelings!

What happens next is lots of chemistry, not trusting relationships, family, seeing old friends and finding their HEA!

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