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The third book in the USA Today bestselling Carly Moore series by Denise Grover Swank.

The dead can’t speak

After months of living in the Smoky Mountains town of Drum, Tennessee, Carly knows firsthand the financial hardship the citizens face. Still, she can’t muster the same excitement as everyone else when town patriarch Bart Drummond breaks ground on his new resort that promises more jobs and money.

But the project comes to a screeching halt when the construction crew unearths a grisly discovery—an unmarked grave. The discovery threatens Carly’s ex-boyfriend, when the authorities learn the body belongs to his old girlfriend who had supposedly left town…and Wyatt is suspect number one.

Carly’s sure Wyatt’s innocent, even if the rest of the town, and more importantly, the sheriff’s department, is ready to lock him up. Carly has moved on from Wyatt, but now he’s asking for her help to clear his name. In exchange, he’ll tell her what he knows about his father. Information that will help her bring Bart down.

But danger lurks around every corner, and as Carly puts her life on the line to help the man who betrayed her, she begins to question everything and everyone around her…especially Wyatt Drummond.  

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 30
Denise Swank

Customer Reviews

grooviemomma ,

Classic DGS Mystery

I enjoyed the latest in the Carly Moore series. What I love is that I really get to escape and feel like I am in that tiny town in the mountains whenever I’m reading these books. I also love that Carly was a teacher, even though she had to give it up, she finds her way back .... I appreciate how her relationship with Marco is developing slowly and deeply in contrast to the way it started with a bang in the first book. The complexity of the characters around her keeps it interesting. And most of all I love that there’s more to the book than just romance, but just enough to fuel my romantic side. Keep them coming, DGS!

Beach girl 910 ,

Oh, why did it end<3

I tried to limit my self to only reading so much a day to make the book last. I love Carly and her complicated love life. This book is so so good! Please give Carly mysteries a chance. It’s very worth it! I love the ending. Marco boy you are a good one Carly is very lucky. This book is full of twist and turns. I don’t believe you can fully predict what is going to happen and that’s what I love so much about this book and Denise’s books in general. Great book & great series.

chrisrenee77 ,

I love Carly

Denise never fails to bring an amazing story to her fans.

When Carly is approached to investigate the murder of the body found at a construction site, it’s up to her to figure out the last days of the victim. With more questions than answers she’s knows she’s playing with Fire.

This is the highly anticipated 3rd book from Denise Grover Swank in the Carly Moore series. Denise did not disappoint in bringing suspense and humor to her characters.

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