One Night - Complete Series

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Publisher Description

One Night Series: A Billionaire Romance Box-Set 

In this complete series we watch the playboy chase the girl, and the girl chase the playboy. 

Who’ll catch who in the end? 

One Night was all he wanted with me… One night to get his thrill with a stranger in a bar… One night to have his way with me and walk away… Jokes on both of us because the rules just changed. 

1. I work for him!

2. He’s the billionaire playboy. 

3. He took my heart that first night. 

Can we both walk away, or stick it out as we run our empires together? Can I really tame the playboy of all playboy’s? I don’t know, but I’m sure as heck going to try.

June 23
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

NurseJackieDS ,

One Night - Complete series A.M. Willard

Beautiful love story with twists and turns.

lynnecuda ,

Review of One Night -complete Series by A.m Willard on iBooks

This series is hot and steamy. Angela is sort of an efficiency expert for hotels. Her husband Christopher works for a hedge fund company. They both travel and haven't seen each other for six months when the 1st book begins. Angela is evaluating a hotel in New York recently taken over by the deceased owner's son. The CEO wants an assessment. Angela tries to reach her husband and he puts her off saying he'll call later because he's just going to dinner. 24 hours later he hasn't called. Angela is in the bar/lounge having a drinking and just looking at the hot bartender. He sets her up for dinner at a table, and surprises her by joining her. Her phone rings so she answers it and it's her husband but he doesn't hear her. She sure overhears HIS conversation! Shock of her life! It may cause her to do something out of character. Book 1 ends with a MAJOR Cliffhanger!!! When Angela gets home, she finds out herself that Christopher's assistant has been traveling with him and she recognizes the voice she overheard. Christopher says it's over and he loves Julia more than he ever, if ever, loved Angela and there's a baby. Angela loses it after she chases Christopher out and she calls Logan, who happens to be there because he missed her. He stays for a couple of weeks and makes her feel special. Then he has to go back to New York but Angela is to come in a couple of weeks. Angela receives a scolding email from the CEO basically saying she needs to be professional if she wants their business and to stay away from Logan. She's crushed, can't reach Logan. He's not returning emails, calls or texts. She is shown a picture of him with some woman online. It's over. He used her. Then he shows up to move her to New York! Say what!?! It seems he has a story to tell!! Will she believe him?? You need to read these captivating books! I'm not saying any more.

Dr.hoodi ,

Fairytale series

The beginning was a great start to the story. Loved that a playboy could be so captivated by a married business woman who just wasn't happy in her marriage. But as the series continued, it was less dramatic and just a fairytale story of two love birds. Frankly, it got a bit dull in book three and four. Just no more excitement anymore.

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